The 5 minute frenzy!


What do you do when your home making plans to sleep in the couch, preferably with your fav movie playing on the big screen and then your friend calls with a mega emergency?! No time to go get ready thats for sure with a person screaming outside your house at the top of their lungs
Throw on some accessories that's what!! Belt, necklace, shoes, bam! Something that won't make me feel like something the cat dragged in!

Tee - Rs.300-400, Most brand outlets
Trousers - Vintage
Belt - Gift, Globus
Flats - 300, Borivali
Necklace - Gift
Glasses - Lawrence & Mayo

So putting this whole thing together took about 3 minutes, with a couple of minutes to get a bag ( sorry i forgot to take a picture of that) and rush rush rush!! No makeup, no thinking time, basically a slap-stick look! Also, check out a close up of the awesome belt that was a gift from a dear dear friend(its got gold BOWS on it!! Score!)!!  Also, flats in animal print off the street are just a complete bargain!! I've worn them to death with pretty much every random outfit i own!

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