When The festivals come-a-calling!


Yes, this post is about three months too late. And its all stuffed with the rest of the days! I'm a rubbish blogger, I should be fed to the crocs! Yep, I get it!
But since you all barely tolerate  love me, you'l understand no? Indian families are the best sources of complicating lives. Or maybe its just mine......

Oh well, here's what the looks for the rest of the week were like.....

Had a conference so i needed something that was festive yet elegant! Thank you brilliant aunt with amazing saree choices! 

This is a vintage Bengali saree! It was my grandma's! 

This was LATE night when I'd managed to sweat off all my makeup! Noooo! :P

The dress is one of my favs. Will do a proper post on it soon!

Its a bit mental when you've got work all day and ceremonies all night. Not to mention the dancing! For all the non-Indians, the pot-type thing I'm holding is a traditional urn thats supposed to be a representation of the goddess and we bring it home every year and have prayer ceremonies! Promise to be much more detailed next year!!

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