Fashion and Me!


I've recently discovered the world of Indian fashion websites. While there are a few forerunners and many of us have seen the adds on television, I find that other than the ease of ordering online, they don't offer  many benefits over the regular shopping. So, I've decided to do a round up of all the things I like that are currently on sale on various sites.
My first site, FashionAndYou. What sets it apart from its peers is the sign-up and then view format. Also, instead of separating out items based on the normal men/women/kids sections that are rarely updated like many sites I've seen, they add limited time 'sales' with new items everyday. This I think is a clever way to push people to buy stuff immediately as opposed to simply adding things to the shopping cart without buying.

Here's my roundup of what I liked on the site:

This gorgeous skirt is exactly like the one at Forever New. But at Rs.250, its a complete bargain!

Sweater dresses for those two days of winter. Available in many other colors. Although I bit too pricey at Rs.899

This saree is for all the working women who need to look stylish without spending a bomb. For Rs.849, you can't go wrong!!

If you have to wear black, do it with a twist! But don't tell them it was only Rs.849!

Because I'm in my stripey/sailor phase and anything with stripes is a straight winner in my book!

Because bows make us feel all girly inside, and this top does it for Rs.299

Coz even ears deserve to look cute! 

Give the jangling bangles a miss! wear to light up a formal outfit bcoz girli-ness need not be loud! 

Some of the things are great value for money whereas some seem to be a rip-off considering the quality of the product. Don't forget to read the specs before you buy because what might look brilliant in the photos isn't all that good when you actually get it. They do charge you for delivery which takes a very long time. Still, compared to other sites, they have much more choices and also tie-ups with a few designers and brands. There was a Jimmy-Choo sale recently! So if your one of those who don't have the time to go shopping physically, pay attention to detail while shopping and don't mind paying a bit more for delivery, this is for you! Happy shopping!

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