A Big High and an even Bigger Low


Last Tuesday I went shopping. It was absolutely brilliant and I loved every minute of it! I think shopping's my drug. I can shop all the time and especially if its shopping for jewellery!! So I had a pretty awesome day checking out stuff on the streets (and MAN! was it some good stuff) as I had to send some things for my sisters.
Its funny how a perfect day can turn into a nightmare in about a microsecond. I got home (extremely proud of my purchases) and mom told me that my sister's grandpa (so in a way my own aswell) had passed away. Since then we've been running around making arrangements and have barely slept for about 10 hours between all of us. This whole situation has made me think of how fragile life can be. It takes less than a second to move from exhilaration to excessive tears. I didn't think I would have been able to do much blogging but I think this is my way of trying to heal myself. If we all keep crying, who's going to take of everything? Atleast that's what I've been saying to myself. So, in an (dunno how successful) attempt to bring back a bit of normalcy in my life, here's a round up of all the things I got for my cousins.....

I actually own the same neck-piece. And since my sister really liked it, I got one for here aswell!
Rs. 500, Bandra, Linking Road

via here

This is the exact same spike necklace I got, but unfortunately I didn't have time to take any pictures, so I've posted this other picture. I have a thing for spikes currently and can't seem to get enough!
Rs. 400, Bandra, Linking Road

There was another necklace and two gorgeous rings I bought aswell, but I don't have any pictures, and since I've already sent the items in question to my sisters, I can't get any! I will try to ask them to send me pictures if they can. Sorry, I couldn't even find any similar items online. 

And that was the section of the gifts for my cousins. I also got some things for myself (shocker!). I got TWO striped tees and wait till you hear what I paid for it! Your gonna love me! And I also got myself another spike-tastic neckpiece and a quilted bag! Take a look!

H M top
This H&M top is one that I've been lusting after for a very long time! Unfortunately it was sold out on the website, however, the brilliant Bandra streets have come to my rescue
Rs. 150, Bandra, Gazebo!!!

And since the first one was so brilliant, I HAD to get this in black as well! So yup, I got TWO for 300!! How brilliant am I?! You can get it here on the H&M website.
Rs. 150, Bandra, Gazebo!

This necklace is such a versatile piece that I simply had to get it. Big thanks to my best friend for pointing it out. Sorry for the rubbish picture, I really do need to start teaching myself photography.
Rs. 400, Bandra, Linking Road

And lastly, a quilted bag! I've wanted one for ages, and I know I'm about two years too late, but I've never found a bag before that was big enough till now. And such a bargain too! Its gorgeous, the picture doesn't do it enough justice. 
Rs. 350, Bandra, Linking Road

Do you like my purchases? Leave me a comment as to how you would style them! I'd love to hear from you.

 And as I finish this post, I think Grandpa would want us to think of the good times, to remember him during the good times and smile in the face of adversity...the way he did. Here's to one of the most amazing, humble, loving human beings I've met in my life. You are missed.....and always remembered. 

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