The Week After


Sorry for having been away so long. I've been studying away like crazy for my entrance exams. In case you were wondering, they went just fine. Hopefully I'l get the university of my choice....fingers crossed. I've also had quite an exciting week. No, I won't bore you with how hard it was to cram about a million concepts and not mess them up. But....I did receive a parcel from my dearest dearest sister!!

So, I have been lusting after neon items for quite some time. Yes, I know I'm a little late to this trend but then, I'm in India. And my mum tends to cringe when I push the envelope. So, I was browsing the online sales recently for a neon something that is completely out of character for me, coz, I felt I needed to jump into it without fear. Result, a lime neon lace top from River Island!! And my sister was kind enough to gift it to me!

via here

Now that I have it though, I can't help but feel that its a bit too bright for the Indian sensibilities. Because while it looked quite limey instead of neon in the picture(oh, wait, was that just me?) its more of a I have to cover my eyes or I'l burn them bright neon! Also, I've got a size 8 which is quite baggy for me so I guess that's making me feel a bit off about it again. Its currently sold out on the site though, so I guess its just me maybe? Do you have it? HOW did you style it??! I think I need a bit of help( wait, should I have admitted that being a fashion blogger?!)I think the safest way to wear it without feeling too out of place is pair it with all black. This is a look I could come up with when I was messing around online on polyvore. 

via here

On a much brighter side though, I've got a new dress. It's got stripes, so you KNOW I'm in love with it. Oh, and my sister's designed it! So its literally ONE OF A KIND!!!! I'm going to be posting some outfit posts in it as soon as my best friend can manage to take a few good pictures. (Look at me planning outfit posts!!) So, thats all from me for today. I promise I'm gonna be more regular now that the exams are over! Stay tuned for more street shopping posts as I go shopping in the coming week! 

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