My Zovi Gen Next Picks


The first Fashion show I ever saw was the Zovi Gen Next show at Lakme Fashion Week. I was over the moon excited, but as jumping up and down in my seat wasn't acceptable behaviour, I don't think anyone looking at me would've realized it! So how was it...... Absolutely crazy amazing!

You should realise, this was a show for new designers who were(just like me) newbies at fashion week. There were six designers in all: Debashri Samanta, Karishma Jamwal, Ragini Ahuja, Shubham Kumar, Sneha, Stephany. They've all got their own signature style, and I'm quite interested in seeing how they're work is going to progress in the future.

Which one did I like the best you ask? I have to say I don't have a clear favorite(this is a good thing, it means I didn't hate 90% of the things!). Its a toss up between Ragini Ahuja's amazing monochrome (don't you know I love basics!) with the predatory print, Shubham's crazy print that was actually made of pictures and the most chic jumpsuit I've seen by Sneha.

Here are my favorite picks from my very first fashion show!
That print is stuck in my head! Its probably born of a romance between transformers and predator! 

Gorgeous pop of color, don't you think? I need this skirt! 

Can it get any better? Stripes in a maxi! 

This jumpsuit is absolutely gorgeous! Sadly I couldn't find a more flattering picture. I'm definitely gonna try to find a chiconomical alternative to this one! 

Can you figure out what the print is? Its actual pictures taken using a real camera!! Cool innit?

A great formal shirt with a little bit of you inner foxy geek! 

I love how this dress swishes on the runway! Absolute winner on the style as well as comfort fronts! 

And to new fav print again! Its stuck in my head! Go geek! ^_^

So, that's my lineup! I hope you liked it. If you can, give a look-in on the Lakme Fashion Week website to know more about these new designers! 

PS: All the pictures used here are either sourced from the Lakme Fashion week website or clicked by me. I do not intend to infringe any copyrights. 

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