My First taste of Fashion Week


Hello blogworld! I can't believe its only been a few days since my first taste of fashion week! I have to say, its been exciting, fascinating and for a little bit, infuriating! I've seen some fabulous designs on the runway, met some amazing designers (couldn't believe how sweet some of them were!) and hung out with the fashion swish set! Not to mention, seen some pretty famous people!

So, lemme give you a glimpse of what the first day was like for me. I started off fretting like crazy about what to wear (I had planned ahead, but there were some last minute problems with the outfit) and ended up in my favorite new dress! The original dress that my sister made for me! Unfortunately, I've been a bum and don't have any good pictures of me at Lakme. Will not do that again! (Apologizes Japanese style for some reason!)

That's the dress! This was actually supposed to be just a quick picture to send to my sister, but turned out to be the only one of me where you could see the dress! 

The first show we went to was the Zovi Gen Next Show, and I have to say I was impressed with some of the pieces. Structured monochrome, draping, flowy silhouettes, crazy was all there in the new talent that was showcasing and I have to say, I'm impressed!
This was followed by a mad rush to various shows throughout the day! Phew! Exciting and exhausting at the same time! Cannot believe the amount of talent I saw on the runway!

Also, the highlight of the day(any maybe the entire fashion week) for me was Asha Bhonsale and her amazing personality! She is truly a timeless beauty. For me, the others on ramp with her, faded in comparison to her humility and oomph! And I think the fashion world got it too if the standing ovation was anything to go by.

I've decided I'm going to write separate posts about the things I really liked because I don't think its fair to cram everything into one post! Besides, it'l give me a better way to talk about the collections and my views about them. So Stay tuned!

Sorry I'm leaving you with a grainy bathroom picture. This was taken sometime in the evening, well...umm, in the bathroom as you can see. But I am wearing my id badge though! :P

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