#SharetheLoad with the #WashBucketChallenge


Have you guys noticed the adverts by Ariel prompting their new Ariel Matic with the #SharetheLoad hashtag? Yes? Well, me too. Now when I got a mail from BlogAdda telling me to take the Wash Bucket Challenge, I wasn't exactly all that hyped about it. For one, it needed a man to do the actual heavy lifting (read washing). In case you haven't noticed, I don't qualify on that account, so I had to figure out if I could find someone willing to take pictures for me. Turns out, I have the best of friends and the first guy I asked was more than willing to help out (This is a trait of his I rather like, but shush, you didn't hear it from me!)

So here, my friend, taking the wash bucket challenge. I gave him the Ariel Matic pack that I received and gave him specific instructions on how to go about using it. Well, while he doesn't exactly wash clothes on a daily basis, he does make for a rather helpful model. I’ll let the pictures do the talking instead of going on and on.

We start off with cutting open the new Ariel Matic pack

And then its onto business, albiet with a big smile! 

I'm not really sure he understood the clothes to detergent proportion, but oh well...

Sorting the clothes and loading the washer

And finally, switching on the machine! Phew! Half the job is done! 

Machine at Work, while he goes about working

After a few minutes, its time to see the results! 

Unloading the laundry from the machine, notice the distinct reduction in smile

When in doubt, do the smell test! Yep! All clean!

And off we go to the final leg of the challenge!

And it all ends with hanging the clothes out to dry! Task complete!! 

Somehow, my friend looks overly happy in all the pictures. His sister did try to explain that washing clothes isn’t exactly a fun activity, but then he seemed to be having too much fun with it. Well, turns out, I’ve decided to use these pictures as photographic proof that can be used to get him to do the laundry in the future. Hey, it makes you happy, and helping out around the house is always welcome! He did every single thing on his own, right from opening the new packet, to setting up the washing machine and finally hanging the clothes up to dry. I asked him if it was stressful in any way and he said that wasn’t at all the case.

What about the actual product you ask? Well, Ariel Matic is quite gentle on the clothes and leaves them with a faint pleasing smell. ( Notice the picture of my friend smelling the clothes!)

Would He do it again? Of course!  He says that he usually has to wash his own clothes when his sister and mom aren't around. So he is used to Sharing the load. He says that over time, the whole idea that laundry is only a woman’s job has changed. Today’s men aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty and helping out around the house when required. This is a great way to promote gender equality and I think every man out there should pledge to take up this challenge!

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