Office Chic: How to make Everyday Workwear Interesting


Working in an office in India usually means seeing a uniform of shirts, trousers, kurtis and sometimes ill-fitting blazers. If you've got a particularly important meeting or engagement,or maybe you're just feeling adventurous you'll wear a formal dress or skirt. Usually, the endless parade of pinstripes, black, blue and whites makes you just another person in the office crowd. This is exactly why I thought of starting a workwear series where I'll be sharing tips on how to make everyday office outfits interesting and not boring and part of the usual fare.

Today's Boring to Interesting Tip:Take Risks!

 Black Top: Rs. 300, Colaba Causeway
Printed Trousers: Rs. 599, Forever21 Sale
Heels: Rs. 1200, Zara from Stylflip
Bag: Rs. 1000, Hong Kong Streets
Necklace: Rs. 300, Hill Road

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3399, which is around ₤35

Today's outfit has my most favorite tip for workwear. I usually see girls shying away from prints when it comes to choosing office wear. Don't! There are a number of office appropriate prints that you can wear without looking like you're going on a casual date. In this outfit, I paired a simple black top with printed trousers to add an element of interest to what would have otherwise been a regular boring black and white outfit. You can even pair a printed blouse with a suit to add a bit of your own personality to a regular outfit.

So what are some other office appropriate prints? Well, virtually any print that is not loud and big works for office. Workwear is all about muted individualism in my book and so your best bet is to look for small, repetitive prints that aren't in your face but still add a bit more quirk to a regular outfit.

What are you wearing to work today? Tell me in the comments 

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