How to: 10 Piece Spring Wardrobe


It's Saturday and I'm writing this extra special post because I felt it had to be shared! It's spring (yay!)  or summer (erm...slightly less exuberant yay). So this week I'm taking part in my very first 10x10challenge which is basically a challenge where you pick 10 pieces of clothes (bags, shoes and clothes) and then style them in fun ways over the next 10 days. I was extremely excited to be a part of this till I forgot yesterday was the first day and I didn't have any pieces pulled together. BUT...I decided to dive in anyway and came up with a look for work (that's already on my instagram page) and then put together the rest of the things on my 10 things for the week list on my way to the office. So here are the pieces I picked for the spring 10 pieces for 10 days challenge.

1. White Shirt

Okay, I've probably bored your ears off with how much I love a white shirt but I'm gonna say it again. A white shirt works for 'any' season! Of course, my first pick was my pretty white shirt. Oh, funny story, I was going to use this white shirt with the nice detailing as my original piece but I ended up dropping my lipstick and ruining it. Yep, that's life. You can see the one I did actually use in the latest Instagram post. Either way, work, play, anything really, a white shirt is a workhorse! (PS: If you don't already have it or deleted it by mistake, you can Download the White Shirt Guide here)

2. Black Fitted Trousers

Black trousers are another staple that need to be in your wardrobe. Now I personally love slim fit ones but you do you girl. If you like straight length ones, rock em! The idea is that a pair of trousers with pretty heels will help you through meetings and margarita hour alike! (PS: This is from my old blog post and I decided to bring these black trousers out for this 10x10 party!!)

3. Crop Top

Yes yes, this is probably not something everybody owns but I assure you, this can easily be replaced by your favorite tshirt. Baggy or fitted like mine, you can easily turn any shirt into a crop top and that's a brilliant thing isn't it. I picked this top because I wanted a print that was geometric but not stripes and still said summer. The full sleeves may not be summer appropriate but make me feel a bit more covered since the top is extremely short!

4. A floral skirt

Right. So here's the inside info on this piece. If you don't like florals then it's ABOSLUTELY OKAY  to replace these with any print that you like. Whether it's a stripe or an ikat or no print at all. I'd say however, pick atleast one print to mix in with your bits.

5. Pink Mules

You've seen these on the blog for over a year and you've loved them. And they're still going strong. My near perfect summer shoe, these pink mules have come everywhere with me and yes, I wear them to work quite often (they're part of my day 1 look actually)

6. Black closed flats

I bought these after the first ones I owned died in the rains last year. Yes, I buy the same piece again when it comes to shoes because it's hard to find the perfect shoes with perfect fit. The thing is, these flats are absolutely perfect if like me you travel in crowded public trains (or buses or metros as the case may be) and need comfort and protection from getting stamped. Also, I know women can run miles in heels, but then they probably sit at home with an icepack to the foot the next day. Sorry ladies, I'd take my heels over heel aches any day. (Plus, these heels have spikes so you know, that's a whole different kind of badass).

7. Backpack

While I love pretty bags, it's just not sensible to have a pretty bag that will break my arm. I carry this backpack to work everyday simply because it is easy to stuff everything into it without breaking a sweat and still have room left over for my pretty books and all the things I buy to eat. Girls, just like the myth with the high heels, a backpack beats a huge bag any day.

8. Pink Sling Bag

For all the times that you don't have to go to the office/meetings, a smaller bag is a good choice. This deceptively little sling bag actually managed to pack my phone, wallet, sunglasses, charger and some flowers that I picked from the street where they'd fallen. Oh yes, take your time and invest in a sling that packs secret space (probably the shape ladies, probably the shape).

9. Handloom Saree

Right, so it could not have been an Indian blogger doing the 10x10 style challenge without having a saree in the mix. I know summers in sarees probably make you cringe at all the layers but there's a reason the saree is a wardrobe staple in India. I intentionally picked a dark grey black piece because I wanted to prove that you can wear a saree, a black saree and still be comfy in summer. (PS: I have a couple of ideas on styling this so stay glued to my Instagram for a loom by loom behind the scenes)

10. Pink Blazer

Girlie, the color of spring and perfect for offices where the weather suddenly moves to the Tundra. Honestly, there is such a thing as temperature control even in an AC. Anyway, this is a great piece for a spring wardrobe. Dressed up with powerful pieces for the offices or paired with a casual t-shirt for the weekend, you must have atleast one statement blazer that isn't black. Yes, even if you live in hot stuffy Mumbai.

That's 10 folks. Now, I know you're probably just as excited to see the things I come up with as I am about styling them. Why not join along on my email newsletter where I'll be sending you each outfit as the week progresses along. You can even follow along and join the challenge on Instagram! Don't forget to tag me so I know what your take on the challenge is!

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