10 Tips to Dress for Work in Mumbai Rains


Hello lovely people, I hope the grey weather isn't getting you down! I know I'm actually enjoying the challenge of dressing for work quite a bit and am super excited to share some really great workwear hacks with you. Today's outfit is the first in the rainy day workwear series and I hope it helps you brave the elements and look put together and chic no matter what the weather does!

Read on and find my top 10 tips to dress for a rainy day and still look on point!

10 Tips to Dress for Work in Mumbai Rains

1. Wear materials that will dry super quickly. This means keep all your denims and thick trousers at home. Opt for breathable fabrics that are a blend of natural and synthetic materials. The natural bits let your skin breath and the synthetic materials infuse it with quick drying properties.

2. Do not wear any hand-dyed fabrics. These will bleed when wet and that means you'll end up with a colorful pattern that's not going to be stylish no matter how relaxed your office is. This includes all those precious hand-dyed mul cottons and ikats that you sourced straight from the local producer. Best keep these at home unless you're 100% sure they aren't going to bleed colors.

3. Ankle length pants like the ones I'm wearing are absolutely perfect when it rains. These usually don't get wet when you're puddle hopping and running to catch that last empty rickshaw. If you don't own ankle length pants, try and roll up your regular pants to give it a cuffed look. The trick is to roll only those fabrics that are thin (something like a blended cotton looks great)

4. Darker colors will hide all the stains that you've possible made during the aforementioned puddle hopping. If you do like lighter colors, I'd say try wearing them at the top as usually your shirts and blouses see less damage compared to your bottoms (unless you completely forget to carry an umbrella or a raincoat and in that case, I'm asking you, why girl??!)

5. Keep the accessories minimal. There's nothing worse than sporting a fresh rash at the office. It's going to be itchy, it's going to distract you from your work and it's just not good in any sense. Now I know some people love wearing accessories (raising my hand right here!!) but the rains are not the best time to flaunt them. You can opt for tiny earrings and maybe a little watch if you must (and even those should probably be in your bag prior to reaching the office).

6. A sturdy umbrella will be a lifesaver. The thing about rainy days is that when it rains it pours and blows and generally gets super messy. It is actually worth the money to invest in a sturdy umbrella once and I'd say go for function over fashion to be honest. You can make plain ones fashionable but honestly, you might not get a chance to flaunt the rest of your fashionable outfit if it isn't for an umbrella.

7. Don't let your hair fly all over the place. Seriously. Irrespective of whether you've got frizzy or lanky hair (like mine) there is an absolute no no. Tie it up in a sleek bun like me or atleast tie it up till you get to work. Wet hair (in case you do get drenched) shouldn't be tied up but if you're travelling, it's actually best to tie it unless you want it flying all over the place and impairing visibility in the already low visiblity rains.

8. Jelly bellies are everything. No, honestly. I have been wearing my crocs for 3 years now and these are the only shoe I recommend. I actually love gum boots/rain boots but they just don't work when it comes to going to the office for me. These are more of a weekend shoe and I personally prefer wearing close-toed shoes to the office. They may be a bit hard to find but trust me, they look professional and are super functional at the same time.

9. Minimal makeup is an open secret. You've heard it a million times but I'm saying it again. Keep your makeup minimal, there is nothing worse than raccoon eyes when you get to work. If you must wear some, wear a bit of waterproof liner and a simple lipstick that doesn't transfer. Remember, if it transfers when it isn't raining, it's going to get into places you can't even imagine when it pours!

10. Napkins are the secret to staying dry. No seriously. I don't think anyone ever lists these on their 'rainy day essentials' list but believe me, these are what you'll be reaching for if you've just spent a significant amount of time getting drenched. Get them, not all offices have tissues and tissues have a tendency to disintegrate when wet so you might just end up with what I like to call tissue lint. Napkins people, the cloth ones...these will be the best thing you every carry when it rains!

And that's that folks. There are my 10 tried and tested tips to braving the rains to get to work. I really hope these help you the next time you're stuck on what to wear to the office and generally help you be better prepared. Have some tips of your own? Share them in the comments with your social media and I'll shout out to the best ones on my socials!

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Outfit Details: 
Top: Rs. 500, H&M Sale
Trousers: Rs. 700, Project Eve
Crocs: Rs. 2500, Crocs India (old)
Lipstick: Rs. 250, Rimmel London
Bag: Rs. 1000, Hong kong Street Market
Book: The Outsider by Stephen King

Total outfit Cost: Rs. 4950, which is about ₤50

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