Workwear Style : 5 Tips to Help you Look Good On Mondays


Mondays are those pesky things that turn up faster than you can say Weekend and suddenly you're stuck in a web of I have nothing to wear while juggling your 8.00 am conference call and all the emails you got over the weekend while trying to find the perfect outfit to ace that 10.00 am meeting. Yes, this may or may not be my life on some Mondays but even if yours isn't this dramatic, these are my time tested tips to get dressed and look pretty much perfect on Mondays and not let anyone in on the mini panic attack you had in the closet!

Plan Plan Plan!

Right. This is what mother told me to do before I went to school. Pack my bag according to the school timetable, lay out my clothes in neat rows and plan everything that I was going to do the next day. Well...
I think I got all planned out by the 10th grade and just didn't bother with it anymore.

So yes, say you're like me and you aren't a planner.

Well, these are no planning in needed guidelines that have helped me on Mondays without coffee (do they even exist you ask....well.. yea.. they kinda do)

1. Go for neutrals

While I'd love to ask you to rock that killer neon blazer on a Monday morning, turns out it's kind of a hard look to put together when you're running to get to work in one piece. At times like these, the  best idea is to opt for a neutral outfit. Whites (like the one I'm wearing) or black or shades of navy blue, tan. Pretty much a color that will go with that hot pink bag you might accidentally swipe on the way to work. But no seriously, neutrals don't need a lot of effort to look put together even if you do end up throwing random bits together since they don't jar your senses. So the smartest thing to do is opt for a neutral workwear look when you don't quite understand what you'd like to wear.

2. Dresses over Everything else

Really can't figure out what to wear and you're about to miss the train? Yea, I've been there. The beauty of dresses is that they're so much easier to style as you don't need a second piece to match with it. A simple fitted (or anti-fit if that's your style) dress, a pair of heels and you'll be in good shape to catch that train with time to spare to buy the morning newspaper. Of course if you're like me and super lazy about waxing your legs, maybe switch out the dress for a formal jumpsuit and everything else stays exactly the same.

3. Bold lips Distract people

Cos not everyone can rock a bold lip. Also, since these can be achieved whist enroute to the office, they're a quick win for sure! There is an odd saying that goes that women with red lips can conquer the world (or maybe it was red heels?). :/
Well, whichever way it goes, a bold lip can distract most people from other outfit mishaps that may or may not have happened. Believe me, I've tried it! Plus, it helps to brighten up your face aswell!!

4. Keep it Simple

Accessories are great at making a statement but can something make everything look super messy if they aren't paired well. That means skipping bold accessories and keeping things minimal. The easiest way to do it is to pick a pair of simple earrings, a classic watch and your favorite shoes. That's really all you need. If you aren't a earrings girl, a simple necklace will also work really well. 

5. Don't mess with the tress!

Finally, while it's always tempting to have pretty hair some days are not for fancy tresses. When you're in a rush, the best thing to do is to simply pull your hair back in a simply pony or an updo. A messy bun can look good as long as it isn't too messy. I'm actually a bigger fan of sleek ponytails since I find them to be the easiest to do. Of course, you can even just let your hair be although if you take a lot of public transport like me, you'd probably want it up too. 

And that it folks. Those are my top tips to get ready on a messy Monday, or even any manic day when you just got to get ready and still keep all the balls up in the air. If you've got any tricks then let me know, I'd love about them in the comments. Have a lovely week ahead!

Outfit Details
Ikat Dress : Rs. 1000, Vajor
Heels : Rs. 1200, Ajio
Earrings : Rs. 20, Mumbai Local Train
Bag : Rs. 1000, Hong Kong Market

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