Three Ways to Wear : Sequin Trousers


Do you like sequins? I personally think sequins are so very underrated and deserve a moment in the spotlight. I know what you're thinking, can I spend so much money on sequins that I can't realistically wear everyday? Well, if you only adjust your perspective a little bit and try and push your boundaries, I think you'll be able to get more bang for your buck using the outfit tricks I'm sharing below. Yes, it might not be a piece for you but if you do own something flashy or shiny, the style tips I'm sharing below would work just as well. Read on to see my slight struggle and eventual triumph with sequins.

Right. So full disclosure, I was extremely vary of sequins till around 2 years ago. However, I went to an annual charity sale that I support, saw these trousers and thought to myself, ' It's for charity... might aswell try something completely left of my comfort zone and if it doesn't work, atleast I know my money isn't going to a big corporate machine but helping kids learn'. So that's exactly the thought that made me buy these pants. Cut to this year when I realised I wasn't wearing them because I was scared. I had of course done loads of research into how to wear these but somehow didn't do it (taunts self with chants of 'Chicken!!'). Anyway, that's exactly why I decided to create this post because if all else fails, you guys will be my inspiration to create new outfits!

1. The Casual Chica

This is honestly the easiest way to dress anything down. Just add a tshirt and anything fancy will suddenly look a lot more toned down. I bought this tshirt off the streets and while it's a little oversized it just adds to the slouchiness of the overall look. The pants are well fitted which means you end up with an outfit which is a mix of casual but chic. Of course, sequins are more of an evening wear piece but with this look, they make for a great daywear outfit too! Of course, confidence is essentially a major part of feeling that you can pull this look off so don't skimp out on that!!

2. Classy Office Party

I know parties will usually make you envision pretty dresses and heels but why not turn that idea around? If you've got a pair of bright printed or sequinned pants, pairing them with a simple black top/jumper/turtleneck (essentially whatever you own) is just the ticket! I idea is to keep the colours in the same shade range. A solid coloured top in black can help balance the bright bottoms and help create a more put together look. It's the easiest thing in the world honestly. Just pick everything in a single shade and then add a single statment piece. For me it's these trousers but you could also just wear all black and add a simple statement necklace or jacket. Idea is to let one piece be the hero piece and shine through!

3. Mad Party Girl

Okay. Cards on the table, I know a lot of you will probably love this look and a lot will run away till the blinding lights off my look fade away. I understand that completely! However, I wanted to give you lot an option that is a little out of the 'norm' when it comes to wearing statement pieces because I think fashion is a lot about making your personal statement irrespective of the rules. All those rules about not pairing sequins with sequins? Throw them out of the window and wear whatever the hell you want girl! Honestly, there's something so refreshing about wearing a head to toe statement look that you'll feel empowered just because you're in that outfit. Clothes have the power to give us confidence and this look does exactly that. I paired my sequinned jumper with the sequin pants and the result is mad, it's out there and it's (in my head atleast) absolutely stunning! Go ahead, break those rules and you might be surprised at the end result!

I hope these looks give you some insight into how you can style your very own statement trousers. I know a lot of these outfits are not for everyone but I really think it's sometimes just about stepping out of what you enjoy and atleast trying something new when it comes to your personal style. You might hate it, you might love it but you'll definitely learn from it!

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