Duck Egg with Pockets


Yet another long weekend is here! Yay! Although I will spend the weekend studying for my majorly complex test on Monday, I'm still excited! I just spent a day giving vivas and that just means I wanted to dress in something comfy. Well, I had to run errands for mum! I used this as an excuse to dress in mum's old skirt. Reminds me of what they call 'duck egg blue'. Don't you feel the same?

Skirt, Belt: Vintage, flicked from mum! 
Checkered Cami: Rs. 150, Vile Parle
Necklace: Rs. 200, Borivali (also worn here)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 350!! Which is about ₤4!!!

I paired it with a nice little checkered camisole and added a belt since its a little big around the waist for me. What's my favorite part about this skirt? Why the pockets of course! I'm a firm believer that pockets make everything better! If I could, I'd probably add pockets to all my clothes, even the Indian ones. (Mind you, I've tried a lot, but mum always seem to hold the veto power in these situations!)

What do you think of vintage dresses with deep pockets? Do you love vintage or find it a little too well, erm...old. Talk to me in the comments below. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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