Sporty? Me?


I've been noticing a lot of 'sports glam' looks on the blogosphere lately. Now I am in no way a glam girl. I believe in wearing the right gear for sports. No running around in shorts outifts at sub-zero temperatures for me(a la Hindi movie style), thank you very much!

Let me clear the air off the bat that today's look is simply a coincidence. I couldn't be bothered with clearing the mess that is my wardrobe at the moment and simply decided to wear my ancient tee with 'the' skirt so that I can look passable for a meet with a friend, and not like I just rolled out of bed!(which may or may not be true, I maintain my no comment stance!)

T-Shirt: Vintage, I think it was a gift from my cousin
Leather Skirt: Rs. 500, Globus, Bandra (also worn here and here)
Cap: Rs. 100, Bandra
Ballet Flats: Rs. 750, Borivali

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1350, which is around 13. 

This t-shirt has been around forever, and I have worn it a million times already!(Not even sure if I'm exaggerating at this point!) The skirt, oh, you've all seen it before. No? Well you can refresh your memories here and here! I added a cap because it made the outfit look sporty!(see, I'm soo on trend!) Okay, I'l be honest, I added it coz I was having a bad hair day! There, I said it! Oh, and while we're on the not so happy thoughts subject, I've even lost weight, so my skirt refuses to stay on right without a belt. Y.A.Y.

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