Demure to Dinner


Today's outfit post was supposed to be posted almost a month ago, but somehow I never got around to editing the pictures. Well, better late than never I suppose.

If you live in Mumbai, you probably travel a lot by public transport. Unless your a Millionare. Or you have super wings that nobody knows about and fly to work. Or you have the patience of a saint in the city's traffic.I currently use pretty much all the top ways to travel in this city (read train, bus, walking, auto, etc etc). Trains usually have people of all classes traveling together, and many of my friends ask me how I can stand the stares when I wear slightly revealing clothes on the train or the bus. Well, a little bit of smart dressing can help imho. If you travel using public transport and dont want people to give you the "what on earth is she wearing" or "man that's too much skin" look, just use that layering trick we all hear about. No, we can't all have personal bodyguards to protect our modesty, but then, that's why we have tons of coverups no?

I love this little dress/tunic thing but I always fret about the length. One way I wear it (whenever I'm not taking the car) is to pair it with leggings/tights. A cropped jacked covers the arms and you end up with a totally public approved look. Loose the jacked and tights when you get there, and you're all ready for that pool party you've been dreaming about for weeks.

Printed Tunic: Rs. 500, Fashion Street
Jacket: Rs. 600, Fashion and You
Leggings: Rs. 100, Borivali
Ring: Rs. 20, Trains
Necklace: Rs. 200, Bandra
Striped Flats: Rs. 300, Bandra (see post here)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1720, which is around ₤17.

How do you tackle the "Wear what I want" vs "Wear what people want" dilemma? Tell me in the comments below. You can also find me on FACEBOOK!

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