Nykaa.com Shopping Review


Makeup is definitely not something I  consider myself an expert on. So when I do a review of a make-up site, there's gotta be an external driving factor involved. This time? Mom.

Nykaa.com is one of the leading Indian sites for Cosmetics and Beauty Products. Now I came across them while looking for a particular shade of lipstick for Mom. Since I didn't have the time to go find it in the stores, (Thank you Uni) I decided its better to find it online. Boy is there some serious choice on this site. I don't even know half the things they sell (my makeup ignorance is astounding) and the things I do (lipstick and liner) have options that had me scrolling for almost an hour. (Oops, lets hope nobody in the lab saw that!)

The best thing about the Nykaa is that they have something in every price range. The list of brands they associate with is quite exhaustive and they even stock some luxury brands like Estee Lauder (my sister swears by their foundation) and DKNY which are a little hard to find in India.
Well wrapped and totally exciting to see the box!

Bubble wrap to ensure that everything is sealed well. 

Excuse the messy shot, I was in quite a bit of hurry to try out the new lippy

I ordered two Lakme Enrich Lipsticks for Mom and an Elle 18 for me. The delivery was quick and everything came well packaged in bubble wrap. It took about two days to deliver and this was quite surprising since I ordered quite close to the weekend and was expecting it to arrive in the next week. Everything was exactly what was shown on the site. I was a little worried about the shade of my lipstick but it was almost identical to the color swatch shown on the site.

This has been used everyday since I got it! Big thumbs up!

All in all, I had a pleasant experience shopping with them and would definitely recommend it to all those looking for a wide range of makeup and quick delivery.

Have you shopped with Nykaa? How was your experience? Tell me in the comments below! You can also talk to me on Facebook and Twitter.

PS: This is not a paid review. I was not 

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