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It seems I've made a habit of being MIA these days! I promise, there's a very good reason for this bad behavior. However, sometimes I'm not comfortable sharing a few aspects of my life on a public platform. All I can say is, I'm extremely proud of myself at the moment! (Insert happy chicken dance here)

 So did you miss me? Didn't even notice I was gone huh? ;)

Onto the outfit, I took these pictures a few weeks ago for the blog, but somehow real life got in the way. My love for maxi-anything is no secret and this skirt was bought after much debate over the color with a rather reluctant friend (yes, I remember how much effort you took to convince me while I debated the advantages of buying ALL the colors). While the color turned out to be NOT what was mentioned on the box, I still think its kinda cool. Oh, and did I mention it has pleats?

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Printed Shirt: Rs. 350
Pleated Skirt: Rs. 900, Wholesale7.net
Skagen Denmark Watch: Won in a blogger giveaway
Bag: Gift from an aunt
Flats: Rs. 250, Borivali
Flower Ring, Feather Earrings: Gift from blogger friend

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1500, which is about ₤15.

I turned this shirt (Also worn here) into a croptop by simply tying it a little higher than normal and added the feather earrings for a boho vibe. Now that I seem to be stuck in various rooms for better parts of my day, this outfit just screams beach to me.

What have all of you been upto? Talk to me in the comments below!

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