What to Gift your #DandyDay on #FathersDay


Mom always tells me I'm daddy's little girl. Right from sitting on his lap while he worked when I was about 5 to working alongside him at 25, dad and I have a special relationship, even if we fight an awful lot as we have very different personalities. Yes, I'm an only child, and some tell me that's why he dotes on you. But the real reason is much simpler. He's a dad. Every morning he makes me my get out of bed cup of Bournvita (yep, I'm a Bournvita girl) and does so many things for me throughout the day, everyday, I can't even begin to list them. So of course when Jabong asked me to come up with a list for Father's Day gift ideas, I readily agreed.

Now my father is a firm believer of the invest in quality rather than quantity (a little opposite to my philosophy). So when it comes to shopping for him, I don't mind spending the extra penny to get a good quality, long-lasting piece. He hates shopping and will always sacrifice his wardrobe budget for my crazy wishes. This just makes me wish I could give him all he things he missed out on while raising me and catering to my demands. Now don't get me wrong, he's one Dandy Dad, he'll try almost every quirky thing I get for him (even if he isn't always very comfortable with my choices at first). I've decided to list out all those things that dad's need pretty much everyday, but don't usually invest in.

Here's my list of Gifts ideas  for my #DandyDad from Jabong,

1. Darkwashed Jeans by Tom Tailor

Dad has exactly two pairs of jeans and frankly, I think its time his denim diary had a new character. Tom Tailor was recently launched on Jabong and its got so many great washes I had to pick one from here.

2. Ray Ban Eyeglasses

As dad's gotten older, his eyesight isn't what it was, but he still refuses to invest in a good pair of glasses. These Ray Bans are something that would definitely inspire him. Do you have a Father who refuses to wear glasses? I suggest you check out the extensive eyewear range at Jabong, to pick the perfect pair to inspire him into wear them!

3. Ruosh Formal Shoes

Okay, this is something dad never  buys without incessant nagging. At the moment, his shoes are almost falling apart at the seams, but he just doesn't seem to make time to get a new pair. These Ruosh pair are perfect and I know they'll last him for a long time!

4.Laptop Bag

Yet another thing he will never buy on his own, he usually just uses my old backpacks or laptop bags (thank god my chocies aren't extra girlie). For once, I'd love to gift him a bag that's 100% his own and he can take to on his short trips outside the city. This piece is a perfect Laptop bag and has those extra pockets for all his bits and pieces.

5. Classic White Shirt

Finally, a man can never have enough well fitted shirts. I know my dad prefers buying them tailored, but this Tommy Hilfiger piece comes close to the perfect fit. In case you have problems trying to figure out what to gift dad, you can't go wrong with a classic white shirt!

And all of the above equals ....

So those are some of my essentials for dad this Father's Day to give dad a Perfect look. With so much choice over at Jabong, there's something for every #DandyDad look you might come up with! Go on, explore the numerous styles and come up with a unique look to gift your father! Remember, he has done so much for you, its time you give something back. And yes, you don't need an occasion to do it, but #FathersDay is a good excuse anyway!

Create your own unique looks and share them with me on Facebook! I'd love to see what you come up with!

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