Nioxin 3-part Haircare System Review


Remember my post around a month ago where I talked about my Nioxin Experience? No? You can check it out here. Anyway, I promised you guys that I'll be telling you my experience with the take home kit, and here it is! I've been using the 3 part system for almost a month now, religiously. I have no used any other product apart from Nioxin on my hair.

The Nioxin Products are said to combat hair thinning and give thicker, fuller looking hair in just four weeks. After the dermabrasion treatement which is done in a salon, you are expected to use your take home kit everyday. This consists of a Cleanser, Revitaliser and Treatment. These come packaged in three different bottles. Lets break down my experience with each.

1. Cleanser Shampoo

This was my favorite of all the three parts. This works like any other shampoo and has a sweet yet pepperminty smell that I love. The shampoo lather up quite well and a normal coin sized amount works for even my long hair. I like the packaging and the clear liquid. All in all, I would probably use this in place of my normal shampoo.

2. Scalp Revitaliser

A scalp revitaliser is basically a conditioner for your scalp. I took some time in order to adjust to this concept of a scalp conditioner. I'm so used to getting the amount of conditioner required for my hair, I had to make a conscious effort to get just enough to use for the scalp. Also, I don't like that the dispenser is the same as the shampoo bottle but isn't really suited for a conditioner. The texture of the conditioner makes it much harder to get the product out, and frankly, this is quite off putting to me.
Oh, another problem I faced was that I couldn't get the conditioner out quickly. It took me almost 10 minutes everyday to just wash it off and this is yet another issue as you are expected to use the system everyday.

3. Scalp Treatment
Finally, after you're done with the shampoo and conditioning, you need to apply the scalp treatment, which is basically a leave-in serum onto the scalp. I love the little pump like packaging and its extremely easy to apply. However, just like the conditioner, this has to be applied by separating your hair into parts and frankly, it took a lot of time. I like that it isn't heavy on the hair and doesn't make it greasy as many leave-in serums tend to do.

And that's it folks. Following this 3-part system everyday (yes, you read that right!) can give you thicker, fuller hair. So you ask, apart from the above comments, how did I feel about the whole experience over the month?

First off, I do not like that we have to use this everyday. It takes a considerable amount of time and somehow I couldn't get used to the extra bath time. I don't like washing it everyday and there is an option where you can wash it every alternate day (but you have to shampoo twice) but somehow, I still can't justify the time spent. The Revitaliser takes has a considerable amount of time to apply and I wish there was some way that we just had a shampoo that would work as both.

Excuse the weird pictures

Secondly, lets talk about the effects. After a month, do I feel like I have fuller hair? Erm, no. I definitely feel that my scalp is cleaner. I like how my hair feels and it feels softer and shinier. Thinning? Yes, I don't think it has affected my problem areas all that much. I don't see a drastic change in my hair texture (refer my before n after images to see for yourself). If anything, I feel my ends are a bit dry thanks to the washing everyday. However, do I think this will work for someone with major thinning issues? Yes! My hair texture has degraded over the last couple of years and this is mainly due to stress. I think if you have thinning due to blockage of your hair follicles, this will definitely work

Will I continue using the Nioxin 3-part system?
No. I don't think I can continue using this. However, I think I will get the dermabrasion (more about that in my last post) along with the take home kit for those summer months where there is just too much pollution in the air. These are the days that I usually shampoo everyday anyway, so using this system works well into my routine. However, I firmly believe that if you stop using this, the effects of thicker, fuller hair, will stop.

Do I recommend the Nioxin System to You?
I suggest you should first get your hair checked by a professional in a Salon. You definitely shouldn't use it if you don't face hair thinning. I do believe it works, just that my hair thinning wasn't so drastic that I could actually feel the difference. However, do keep in mind that the treatment is a little heavy on the pockets (everything together with the in-salon treatment will cost you roughly around Rs. 5000). However, if you have severe thinning (which a lot of middle aged ladies face), I suggest you give Nioxin a try.

Final Verdict:
I'll give the product a 3/5. While I didn't see any drastic effects, it is still a good product for people with severe thinning. Also, considering that its one of the only products currently in the Indian market, that targets thinning hair (and not hairfall), I find that people would benefit with it.

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