5 simple ways to wear a White Shirt and Aztec Print Jeans


White shirt? Who doesn't love a simple white shirt? Who doesn't own a white shirt (If you don't I suggest you go get one right now! Oh, and could you tell what you've been wearing all these years while you're at it?). Well, while we all own one (almost), its a little boring at times to wear it, simple because everyone has it. What is that quick fix you can do to make your white shirt look different from the sea of white. And trust me there is a lot of white out there in the summers. Well, the easiest fix is to pair it with a pair of interesting trousers. I know I'm a few years too late to the aztec print party, but in my defence, these trousers are worn so much they're always in the wash when its time to shoot. Somehow, I think the trousers give that little bit of oomph (or madness, whatever you prefer) to my plain old white shirt.

But sometimes, even a cool pair of pants isn't enough you say? Well, here's my super quick fix, at wearing the same white shirt+ printed jeans combo five different ways.

1. The Classic Tuck
The simplest, and most commonly used way to make things looks more clean and structured is the tuck it in the jeans. You can even try a half tuck to keep things a little more weekend casual. Add a little necklace, a pair of heels and you're all set to go attend that meeting, or travel in style. Of course, if you are travelling, I'd guess a pair of flats makes more sense.

2. Belt it Out
Belts are a great way to add an interesting dimension to your wardrobe. A simple untucked button down white shirt, can look different, just by adding a belt to it. You don't even have to be very posh about adding the belt, simply tuck and let the other end hang. Almost a little slouchy chic look. Oh, and an added bonus, if you work this with your boyfriend's button-down, you can hide all those little lumps you got from pigging out at dinner yesterday. W.i.n!

3. Knot it Up
Un-button the last two buttons at the end, and simply tie the ends in a knot. Its that ultimate weekend casual vibe. If you've worked hard for the summer ready tummy, this is a great way to flaunt it, without investing in those crop tops. Who needs a crop top when you've got a shirt right?

4. Layer the Goodness
Okay, are you one of those people who has to wear a vest under a shirt? (Shocked? I know atleast 6 girls who do this!). In that case, go bright, wear a bright vest and then add the shirt as almost an afterthought layer, a protection from the heat of summer.

5. Top it Up
Yes,  I know, you're probably wondering why I'm telling you to add another layer to the shirt. (Cue screams of its too hot here). But add a simple summer scarf or a very little jacket to a white shirt + jeans combo, to give it that unique little identity that's all you!

Tips to Keep in Mind while Buying A White Shirt:

  • Fit, fit, fit! Fit is everything! A tailored white shirt will work well for all those office meetings, while an oversized shirt (you could just steal borrow it from your boyfriend) looks great for casual evenings. If you wear it to work, make sure you pair it with fitted bottoms.
  • Buttons, a full button up or an open neck, figure out what you want!
  • Sheerness. A white shirt that doesn't look sheer is great for the Indian weather, be sure to test it with the underwear you're planning to wear with it to make sure it doesn't give some muted signals that you can't see, but everyone else can! 
  • Material. Yep, cotton, cotton blend, there's lots too choose from. Go for a material that won't loose structure after a few washes, a quick tip is to pull the end and see if it holds its shape.
  • Pockets. Some shirts (like the one I'm wearing) have pockets on them and these are a personal favorite. However, if you don't wish to attract attention to the bust, I suggest you steer clear of these. 
  • Finally, try out a few different styles that are on offer before you commit. I find white shirts to be an investment piece as they're always in style! So take your time to find the one (or more) you love and don't worry about the extra penny, cos they're well worth it!
Photo Credits: Sirshendu Arosh

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