Review: January 2016 Fab Bag - Beauty Resolutions


New years are all about resolutions and so is the very first Fab Bag of 2016! This is actually the last fab bag in my subscription and for a girl who is on a shopping ban, it was like getting a little piece of cake when on a strict diet! Oh yes, this month's bag has a cute off white bag with cartoon make pieces on it. Sadly mine was very dusty and I wish it wasn't because it really is a very pretty pouch. So lets see what the new year's brought...

1. Votre Face Serum: Rs. 1670 for 12 ml

This is the first full sized product and for someone who had to google what a face serum is (yes, I'm not that well versed with makeup) this is a nice little treat. It comes with a dropper type bottle which almost remind me of those eye drops bottles. But I don't mind that because it checks all the ticks in my skincare checklist, viz, non-comedogenic, hyper allergenic, dermatologically tested and natural! Yes, I'm quite excited about using this and seeing if it has some significant results.

2. Natural Bath and Body - Red Clay Mask & Vit. E Whipped Cream: Rs. 90 for 20 gm and Rs. 82.5 for 15 ml respectively:

Yet another natural product these two are supposed to give you heavenly skin and are suitable for sensitive skin. The whipped cream has the yummiest citrusy lemony smell and they're supposed to be used together for best results. Both are made of natural or organic products and I can't wait to try them.

3. Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub & Face Wash: Rs. 44.64 for 8 ml and Rs. 27.92 for 8 ml

I've used the ayorma night cream before and while I wasn't impressed with its results. (See review here) I have heard people recommend these two and the sample size is perfect for my recently busy travel schedules. They're both free of paraben preservatives and promise a spa like experience at home.

4. Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick (Ruby): Rs. 1500

So I recently lost my favorite red lipstick and this is a heaven sent. I actually had a chance to select one beauty product and since I'm in my quest to find the perfect red lipstick I opted for this. I've used it once and while it isn't very long lasting, it has a rich color and doesn't bleed.

What the January Fab Bag Costs: Rs. 3415.04
What I paid For The January Fab Bag: Rs. 533
(PS: I calcuated the price of my samples from the full prices mentioned)

And that's my January 2016 Fab Bag. Overall, I'm quite happy with the products this month. I still wish there were more makeup products. For a beauty bag, there's usually just a lot of skincare in the bag. As for renewing my subscription, I'm still not 100% sure. Time will tell if I renew it.

What do you think of the January 2016 Fab Bag? 
Tell me in the comments below!

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