Welcome 2016: A Peek at My New Year Resolutions


A very Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! I don't know where 2015 has flown away and while there have been many big life changes, I'm still happy to welcome the new year with enthusiasm.

I also thought that its a good idea to begin the new year with a new outfit! Yes, I thought the best way to celebrate was to share one of my favorite buys from last year. This little dress was on my wishlist for the longest time. I'd been lusting after it for ages and then finally decided to indulge after getting my salary. It's yet again, not my normal style but then that's what the new year is all about, pushing yourself to become better. In my case, it involves making a few cliched but personally important resolutions. Wanna know what they are, read on....

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 Dress: Rs. 2500, Jane Norman
Blazer: Rs. 2000, H&M
Heels: Rs. 500, Colaba Causeway
Bag: Gift from Aunt
Golden Cuff: Rs. 250, Colaba Causeway

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 5250, which is around ₤53.

I love the gold and red in this outfit. I've recently turned into a fan of gold and this dress with its shimmery gold detailing is a winner. The origami style skirt is a definite plus for me and since its a little too bold, I decided to add a blazer for warmth, modesty and a pop of color. Combining two of my favorite things, surprisingly this is new territory for me! Also this new year, I've definitely made a few new and classic resolutions that I hope I can stick to!

So what are my 2016 Resolutions you ask?

Get healthy! 
The most cliche of all resolutions, this one is still top of my list. I've recently started gaining weight in all the wrong places and feel like my current lifestyle is extremely sedentry and hence, this is a top priority.

No Shopping! 
Yes! I have put myself on a shopping ban (WHAAT!) for atleast  the begining of 2016. I've decided I need to add to my savings and that means no getting swayed by the pretty bargain online or the shoeseller with shiny baubles. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up but I'm definitely going to try and make my current wardrobe work instead of hoarding more things.

Another cliche point on my list (hey, I'm a classic lover, what can I say?) over the last few years, I've never had enough money to travel, so I thought since I've started earning a little bit, I might aswell invest in travel. I haven't yet planned it all out, but I hope I can go to all the lovely places, atleast in India and learn a little from their cultures.

One thing I'm absolutely rubbish at, is making new friends. Of course I'm also equally rubbish at staying in touch, but I plan to change that this year. All part of pushing my boundaries, I hope I can make at least 10 new friends through the year. Yes, that may not seem like a big number to you, but for someone like me, accepting someone as my friend is hard...so here's hoping it works out.

So that's it folks! Those are the things I'm gonna do this year. What are your resolutions??
Tell me in the comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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