April MSM Express Box: #ChooseHappy


Happiness is a state of mind, and everyone can do with choosing to be happier in life. That's exactly the theme of this month's MSM Box and it does make me a little happy. First off, the delivery of the box was spot on, right on the day when I had a rather hard day at work. One of the best things to rid Monday blues!

So lets take a look at what all I received in my MSM box this month!

1. Inveda BB Cream: Rs. 175
The first and most interesting beauty product from this month's MSM Box. This BB cream is made from all natural ingredients and hasn't been tested on animals. It's also paraben free and easy on the skin. If you follow me on snapchat (if no then why not??) , you'll know I've been using it since the day I got it and it hasn't broken me out so that's another big plus! I'll do a proper review of this soon.

2. Natural Bath & Body Rose Almond Bathing Bar; Rs. 250

Seriously, this bar smells like luxury. It made the whole box fragrant and almost made me wanna go take a bath that instant. It makes me think of luxurious baths where I pretend I'm Queen of Egypt minus the bathing staff (yea, that would make it awkward in my tiny bathroom). Something that's a complete indulgence product.

3. Biobloom Jasmine Face Mist: Rs. 250

So face mists and me don't gel. I usually don't understand when or how to use these and so while this product is a good little novelty piece, I'm not very sure when and how I'd use it. However, if your a mists girl, let me tell you this makes you smell better than the Princess in Aladdin!

4. Fuschia Intense Moisturiser: Rs. 225
Moisturisers in little bottles have become a must ever since I entered the world of corporate offices (read big fancy places with zero connect to nature or natural air). This is a nice addition to my arsenal and while I haven't tried it yet, seems to be a good contender to my current picks.

5. Roots Makeup Brush: Rs. 80

Yet another makeup product for a makeup newbie like me. In all honesty, I had to google how exactly to use this brush that look exceedingly like the flat brush I used to paint background in school. Turns out there's a couple of different ways to use it. Guess I'll clue you guys in once I master it myself!

What the April MSM Box Costs: Rs. 980
What I paid For The March Fab Bag: Rs. 465

And that's it folks! Those are all the things I received. I have to say, its a good mix and I can see myself using almost everything I've received this month. Will I be ordering one next month, I'm not so sure. While I like the things in there, I don't completely love them and sometimes the MSM box does disappoint in terms of sample sizes. Oh well, if I do get one next month, I'll be sure to tell you!

Tell me what you liked from the April MSM Express Box in the comments below! 

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