3 Ways to Style Denim Dungaress/Overalls/Jumpsuit


Summers are all about looking cool with your sexy shades and floppy hats as you lounge by the beach. They're also about endless commute if you aren't rich enough to have a lifestyle that has regular "beach chillin" and its these times that need you to have stylish yet versatile pieces in your closet. Seeing as denim jumpsuits or overalls as I liked to call them (and dungarees as mom calls them) when I was a kid are making a comeback this summer, I decided it was time to really show what can be done with this like beauty.

First off, these overalls are vintage Wrangler bought way before I was born by dad for mom (yes, he was pretty cool at picking things even back then). I have stolen them from here however, I know the streets are currently overflowing with some rather interesting overalls and if you can't find them, there are some great picks online too (many under 1500!). So trust me, all these looks are quite within a budget shopper's reach.

Look 1: City Cowgirl

So its the weekend and you can't be bothered with wearing all those extra girly dresses because florals make you want to run like the wind? Why not bring out your spunky side and pair your denim jumpsuit with a hat and a croptop for a day out? The croptop makes it look a little more feminine and since you're wearing overalls, you can bring out those really short croptops too! The hat, well, slap on a cowboy hat to make the look interesting while still protect yourself from the sun! Yep, a proper girls day out outfit fo the not so girly girl.

Look 2: Working Girl

Wondering if you can take these babies to work? Absolutely! Wear your nice chambray shirt and heels with your denim dungarees to make them office chic. You can also wear these with the classic white shirt for a Friday casual look that's fresh and interesting. Got a party after? Just role the sleeves up, unbotton the collar and add a nice statement necklace to go straight to that party.

Look 3: Party Girl

Getting ready for a Weekend Night out? Go bold and wear a cropped top with a strappy back. Add on a light jacket to give you some warmth against the midnight chill and you're all set to party like a classy lady! This look is also great for ocassions where you want to look a little dressy but keep the overall vibe casual. I also suggest adding a few extra accessories to complete your look or make it a little more subtly boho (note the numerous finger rings).

Outfit Details: 
Denim Overalls: Vintage, similar here
Croptop: Rs. 400, Forever21 during the sales
White Heels: Rs. 1200, Zara, thrifted online from Spoyl
Hat: Rs. 900, Forever21
Chambray Shirt: Rs. 300, Colaba Causeway
Red Bag: Rs. 1000, Thrifted online from Once Again Store
Blue Reflectors: Borrowed from a friend, similar here
Grey Coat: Rs. 1500, Forever21
Quilted Bag: Rs. 400, StalkBuyLove

Total Cost for all three looks: Rs. 6000, which is around  ₤60. 

(PS: I added another 1200 for the denim overalls eventhough they're vintage)

And that's my little line up! There's countless more ways you could style these once you've got them. These are just a few pointers. Honestly, go out and try denim jumpsuits in a shade and fit you like. You could go a little retro like me with the wide-legged bottoms or more polished with a tailored jumpsuit. The point is, this is a great piece to have in your closet and in case you felt it would be a one hit wonder, look at the images and get convinced otherwise!

How would you style these Overalls? Tell me in the comments below! 

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