June 2016 Fab Bag Review: The Beauty Addict


Fab Bag...ahh, the leader in the beauty subscription boxes market in India. I was extremely excited when I saw the theme for this month's Fab Bag was "The Beauty Addict". So exciting when a beauty bag actually decided beauty is it's theme for the month. I expected lots of makeup products (well, more than one tbh) and also some exciting beauty bits that could expand my ever increasing beauty stash. So did I get what I imagined?

Sadly, not at all. Oh, the bag looks absolutely amazing, I'll give you that. It almost certainly builds up a crazy excitement that I can't quite put into words with its amazing quote that says "Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat" and sleek black look. The inside? It quickly killed my enthusiasm. Let's take a look at the products received in my June Beauty Addict Fab Bag:

1. Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon - Black Jack : Rs. 1200

This is honestly the only product that made me happy however, one swipe and you'll realise that it's less black and more dull black. It is a terrible crayon and even after multiple swipes, doesn't really give you a dark black look. I'm not quite sure if this is very useful seeing as it will at the most give you a smudged out eyeshadow, in a not so good way. This is a classic great expectations, disappointing reality situation.

2. Skin Yoga Coffee Body Scrub: Rs. 845

I absolutely loved skin yoga's products in one of my other subscription boxes. This body scrub comes in a almost blinding golden metallic sachet and claims to be a 100% natural body exfoliator. It's fragrance free, preservative free and paraben free. I'm quite excited to try it out since my normal body scrub is almost over.

3. Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter: Rs. 199.6 for 20g

I've never heard of this brand before. so I'm happy to get this sample sized product to try it out. It's a 100% natural "Wild East African Shea" butter. It smells like most shea butters and looks the same too. I haven't yet used it (probably because the weather is too humid for me to even consider applying any kind of body butters at the moment) but I shall tell you what it's like once I get around to using it.

4. Ital Veloce - Midnight Kisses & Valvatina: Rs. 57 (for both)

Two little bottles of fine fragrance mist. I don't know how this relates to being a beauty addict which is the theme of the bag but I suppose its important to smell good. Midnight kisses is a lot more floral than valvatina which is a much more subtle fragrance. These aren't anything extra special as far as mists go, but I suppose they can be used while we desperately wait for the monsoons.

What the June 2016 Fab Bag Costs: Rs. 2301.06
What I paid For The June 2016 Fab Bag: Rs. 533
(PS: I calculated the price of my samples from the full prices mentioned)

Photo Credits: Sneha Mahimane Photography (Thanks for these girl!)

And that's it folks! Honestly, I'm not at all happy with this month's bag. Seriously, if you're a monthly subscriber, give it a miss. It's completely not worth it. Other than the coffee body scrub, everything else is pointless. The shea butter is interesting but I'm sure you probably have an equivalent already so it isn't that much of a novelty either. Oh, and I think the bag is pretty great in terms of looks. One of the best looking bags this year. Still, overall, give it a miss if you can.

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