May Sugarbox: The Boho Chic Edition


Sugarbox! Oh man, just the name oozes cuteness. This month (well, last month to be accurate) Sugarbox had a Boho Chic Theme which meant of course I had to buy it. For those of you who don't know, Sugarbox is a themed lifestyle subscription box that comes packed with something for everyone. It's got a bit of everything from clothing to bags to accessories to skincare to sometimes cute edibles too!

The Boho Chic edition had some stuff that I'd expected and some rather nifty stuff too. I always love the gorgeous box everything comes in since it has the cutest bow and tag on it. Honestly, this gets me more excited at times that the actual unboxing itself. So what does the Boho Chic Edition contain? Let's find out!

1. Honey:
A definitely quirky item to have in a Boho Box, I think the idea was that the free-spirited add Honey to their tea not sugar maybe? I don't know, and it doesn't really matter. This little one-time use sachet is such a nice sweet touch I think I'll probably have to get some of these travel-friendly sachets to stash in the office drawer!

2. Silver Boho Neckpiece:
Something that I think is very on trend this summer, a layered necklace can be used multiple ways. I didn't really like this neckpiece if we're being completely honest. I wished it was more intricate buy that's probably just me. I do think I'd much rather wear it as a headpiece than an necklace but that's also me just being me aswell. Also big props to the way it was packaged. I loved how a simple brown envelope doubled as a cover as well as interesting packaging.

3. Boho Feather Earrings:
If my past looks are anything to go by, feather earrings are a favorite of mine when it comes to beach dressing. I can completely imagine wearing these with my beach shorts and a casual tee on a weekend beach outing. I like the length and the fact that there are little strands without feathers too to give it a bit more volume.

4. Tassled Bag:
I don't think anything spells boho more than a tasseled bag. Tassles and fringe are big this summer and this bag is a nice addition to my every growing bag collection. It can be used as a crossbody bag and has two zip pockets and also a little pocket to keep your phone. (Although in all honesty if you use a bulky phone, you won't really be able to fit it into the pocket provided).

5. 'Good Vibes Only' Water Bottle:
So this was rather unexpected but considering we're standing in the middle of summer where staying hydrated is very important, this was such a welcome addition to the box. The "Good Vibes Only" quote on the bottle is sure to remind you to be a little kinder when you're feeling particularly grumpy at work.

6. Coffee Scrub:
Coffee is an addiction for more than half the world's population. Now if you can find yet another way to bring coffee into your life, why not right? This coffee scrub is a product I've never tried before and I think even if it doesn't make me look prettier, at least it'll make me smell like one of my favorite things in the world!

7. 'Normal is Boring' Muscle Tee:
Yes, I saved the best for last. This tee is such a beauty. It's made from super soft jersey material and I think just looking at it makes me want to pick up my backpack and go on a little solo trip! This was expected yet such a wonderful thing in this month's SugarBox that it instantly made me smile!

What the Sugarbox - Boho Chic Edition costs: -*
What I paid for the Sugarbox - Boho Chic Edition: Rs. 1499

*I wasn't able to find the individual items for sale on the site yet, I'll update this as soon as they're up on the sugarbox website! 

And that's it folks! Those are the things I got in my Boho Chic Edition of sugarbox. I personally like around half the things and the other half, while nice aren't really that relevant on a personal level. I think this is a nicely curated box that can be a great present to anyone who has the wanderlust in them!

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