Dramatic Indian Looks for Valentine's Day


Happy Tuesday folks! It's time for this week's Three Ways to wear, which is actually just two ways because we're having a special Live session to share 5 more ways to dress this Valentine's Day. So in case you've got some dual plans this Valentine's day like going to a wedding before a hot date, these looks are the trick! 

1. Modern Maven


The first look is all about pairing classic India pieces with modern silhouettes. Here, I paired a simple red tunic and then added a belt to drape it for an asymmetric look. A pair of statement earrings and a messy bun are all that's needed to complete this minimalistic but statement look. This is something that will definitely work for the transition from a work day to wedding to a quiet date night.

2. Classic Charisma

Am I filmy? Oh definitely not. I did not have the old Indian actresses as an inspiration for this look when I started creating it, but that's certainly what came out. A very simple, Indian classic, minimalist look, if you've got a boy who loves old Indian movies and dreams or dating the gorgeous actors from it, why not dress the dream? Oh, and you can even swing by one of those wedding events by just upstyling your hair!

And that's it folks. I hope these give you a bit of inspiration in case you're looking for a fun twist to Indian valentine's day looks. I personally don't quite celebrate it with so much excitement but think you shouldn't need a day to celebrate and show love. Either way, sending you more love than every regular day today! Happy Valentine's Day!! 

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