How to Add Indian Accents to Workwear


Are you an Indian at heart? If you're someone who loves working in an ultra professional environment but still want to flaunt an occasional desi piece? I feel you girl and I've got you covered. Today's post is all about super simple things you can do to add a distinct Indian accent to an otherwise professional outfit.  

The key to dressing up a regular office outfit is to find your hero Indian piece. Something as simple as a bag in a traditional indie print. For instance I added an ikat print bag to a simple shift dress and instantly the outfit has some earthy accents. Similarly, you can create a mix of indie pieces you like and using your core pieces you can simply create interesting accents in an otherwise boring office outfit.

Outfit Details : 

Dress : Rs. 900, Project Eve from (buy here)
Flats : Rs. 200, Hill Road, Bandra
Necklace : Rs. 500, Outhouse from Elanic
Bag : Rs. 1200, Flea market find

Total Outfit Cost : Rs. 2800, which is around ₤30

Here are my top 5 ways that can instantly give you a boho chic edge while still looking super professional and ready to face any board meeting.

1. Play with prints

The easiest way to add a touch of indie to your workwear is to add an indie print. A simple ikat dupatta worn as a scarf over an LBD can be a fun look that is still appropriate for work. You can even pick a dress like the one I've got on which has a bit of lace edging that give its a slightly more bohemian look.

2. Bag it Up

A statement bag like the one I've got on in a boho print is yet another way to add an indian accent to a workwear look. I'd say stay away from anything that jingles or has tassels or has loud colors. Muted colors such as monochromes and shades of tan work with almost all workwear looks so I'd say investing in atleast one of these is a rather good idea. 

3. Kolkapuris are better at regular flats

Let's face it, in the real world, you can't really wear heels every single day to the office. Why not swap out your regular ballet flats with kolhapuris? Here, I've added a pair of simple indie flats (or as I like to call them, my jesus flats) to create a more indie casual workwear look. 

4. Fabric is everything

Sometimes all you need to give your look an Indian feel is the fabric. Honestly, if you aren't an accents person, just pick the outfit in an indie fabric such as cotton, linen or a blend of one of these. Not only will you not need any other pieces, you can rock a minimal look and still have a distinct indian vibe to the look. 

5. Accessorise it

Yes, this should probably have been the first option but I just wanted to highlight the fact that you do have other ways to create an indie look without falling onto the default and standard option of adding indie accessories. Try wearing a formal outfit with a pair of jhumkas instead of studs. Or maybe add a bangle in lieu of a bracelet to an otherwise formal trousers and shirt look. Believe me, accessories can completely change the way an outfit looks but as long as you keep it to a couple of statement pieces per outfit (less is more people, less is more!), you'll be good to go!

And that's it folks! I really hope these tips help you add some fun Indian twists to your everyday workwear looks. I would love to hear your thoughts on these ideas in the comments! Have a great work week!!

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