Elabore Store Shopping Review


Remember when I did a review of the Elabore store a few weeks back? How I was highly impressed with their collection and promptly made a wishlist! Well, I received an order from them a few days ago and felt it was only fair to do a review of their customer care and delivery.

So the folks at Elabore Store were kind enough to send me a scarf to review. I didn't know which one they were sending, but I'm quite happy with the one I got. I don't usually go for bold graphic prints in scarves, preferring to use them to add pops of color to everyday outfits so this piece was a welcome addition. When I saw this print, I had a vision of pool parties (I do seem to dream of water a lot these days don't I!) and wearing it as a sarong. So that's exactly how I styled it!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the gorgeous gift wrapping (yay!) is that its exactly like the pictures on the site. This is important when it comes to colored/printed items as some sites don't show the actual color which leads to disappointment. Thankfully the people at Elabore Store deliver everything that's written on the box, and then some.

Delivery was fairly quick and I received it in three days from the date of ordering. Talk about quick huh!? Oh, and it came in this pretty wrapping paper. If you didn't know already, they provide gift wrapping service for no extra cost! Yay!! Solves all you're gifting problems right?! Anyway, I shall let the outfit do the talking about how pretty the scarf is!

Printed Scarf: Elabore Store (buy here)
Neckpiece: Rs. 100, Hill Road, Bandra
Bracelet and Headpiece: Rs. 50, Trains
Flip Flops: Rs. 150, Borivali

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 300 which is just ₤3!

I would definitely shop from here again. They have some truly unique pieces and their services are quite good. Have you bought anything from them? Yes? Tell me in the comments about you're experience.

Overall Verdict: 4.5/5

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