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Before I start this review, if there are any men out there who get a little squeamish with talk about women's lingerie, go now or forever hold you're peace. So I've seen reviews about Zivame for quite a while now and do check out a few things on their site from time to time. I've only heard good things about them so decided to try ordering. Zivame is a Lingerie store that has an exhaustive stock of all types of lingerie, shapewear and innerwear. I ordered during one of their Buy 1 Get 1 schemes and I have to say I'm quite impressed. So, onto my review and the reasons I liked them.

A screenshot of their site. They've got a scheme running right now too! 

I Have to start off by saying that these guys have one of the best customer care I've come across in recent times. However, I do wish they would be more clear about the various schemes they run online. I really was quite disappointed when I ordered under a scheme and then didn't receive what I felt was being offered. However, one email and they sorted out everything in a couple of hours. Thank you so much guys.

Everything came well packaged (both my parcels) and their delivery service is quite excellent. They send you an SMS the day the parcel is supposed to reach you're doorstep and you get another message once the delivery is complete. This works great for people who work as they can have someone pick up their parcel if they can't be home. How awesome is that?!

Finally, as for the products themselves, they're exactly as described. They site has an extensive range that is suitable for every style and every occasion. Chances are, if there's a particular type of innerwear you're looking for, this is where you'll find it. Within budget so that's another bonus!

Overall Rating: 5/5

My verdict? I would definitely shop from Zivame again. I really couldn't find any fault with their services. They regularly run lots of cool schemes and promos on the site so you can keep checking till you get all your favorite things at bargain prices!

PS: This post was NOT sponsored by Zivame in any way. I'm simply a happy customer sharing my views.

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