Water Baby


If you've see the last few posts, you know I've got water on my mind. Today's post is a quick little look into how I dress while I'm rushing to go for a swim at the club. Nothing fancy I know, but I feel its important to show that you don't need to be dressed up all the time. For instance, why wear makeup when its all gonna be washed away in the pool anyway! (Yes, I'm one of those bloggers)

Vest: Rs. 100, Borivali
Shorts: Rs. 200, Gift, H&M
Bag: Rs. 200, Linking Road, Bandra
Crocs: Gift from a friend

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 500, which is about ₤5

Do you have no makeup days? What is you're version of dressed down for the gym or the club? Tell me in the comments. You can also find me on Facebook

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