Stripey Saturday: How To Wear Peplum and Striped Skirts


Stripes, stripes and more stripes. If there's one design I've always been a fan of, its gotta be stripes. So during a rather random discussion with a friend, I decided to have a series on stripes and all their glorious possibilities!

Its not always that I go shopping and find an entire outfit. Honestly, most days, I find one piece that I like and then it waits in the cupboard till I manage to find some interesting things to pair it with. However, on some rare days, when I'm really lucky, I try an outfit in the trail room, love it, and wear it almost exactly the way I did in there. This entire outfit is worn here, just like I did in the changing room, and I still love it as much as I did when I wore it the first time.

Peplum Top: Rs. 500, Forever21
Striped Skirt: Rs. 600, Forever21
Gladiator Shoes: Rs. 700, Hill Road, Bandra
Statement Necklace: Rs. 350, Hill Road, Bandra
Bag, Earrings: Gift from the Family
Ray Bans: Rs. 900, Andheri

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3050, which is around ₤30.

Photo Credits: Sirshendu Arosh

I think a striped skirt is a cool, versatile piece in any girl's closet. In this outfit, I wore it in almost a formal setting. I feel the peplum top adds the bit of office to the outfit. The rest of the accessories are fairly standard. The bag and the necklace add little pops of color and make it a bit more interesting. All in all, an outfit that can work well in a lot of different settings!

Tips To Wear a Striped Skirt: 

  • Choose the correct style of stripes. If you're skinny like me, you can actually pull off horizontal stripes, but if not, choose vertical stripes, they're rather flattering and will give you a slimmer silhouette. 
  • If you are wearing horixontal stripes, pair it with a solid color or a flowing top in order to balance out the top and the bottom.
  • A little bottom heavy but still wanna wear horizontal stripes? Try a flowing maxi skirt in a chiffon or equally light material. These aren't figure hugging and hence, won't add ten pounds to your shape.
  • Striped skirts work well with small prints. Be bold and mix muted florals with stripes. 
  • Wear a half tucked in shirt and a backpack to make a skirt like this, work for the weekend. 
  • And finally, experiment with the styles you try and Always have fun! 
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Come back next Saturday, for yet another Stripey Saturday post! Have a good weekend guys! 

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