Freak Rains and A Quick Shoot


Are you from Mumbai? Yes? Well then I'm sure you've been shocked, surprised, overjoyed by the random weather change that we've seen over the weekend. Personally, I love the rains as long as I'm home. Step outside, and then the icky, mucky reality strikes and you spend more time trying not to look like a mud covered drenched animal than enjoying the showers.

Well, along with the lovely cool weather comes the dilemma of dressing for the unpredictable weather. I've been coming home late these days and usually I'm extremely cold, no matter how many layers I'm wearing (usually not more than two as the afternoons become rather hot and sweaty). Add the rains to that and what you've got is a big dressing problem. Nope, I'm not one of those bloggers who believe in freezing to death for the sake of fashion. No thank you.

Royal Blue Jumper: Splash, Gift from a friend
Jacquard Print Trousers: Rs. 500, Globus
Earrings: Rs. 20, Trains
Rainy Day Ballet Flats: Rs. 400, Linking Road, Bandra
Watch: Gift from my brother
On my Lips: Rs. 300, Lakme Enrich Neon Pink Lipstick

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1220, which is about 12.

Photo Credits: A friend who shall not be named! :P

Today's outfit is my compromise. I think every girl (and boy) should invest in a pair of fitted quick drying pants. This jumper is a favourite of mine. I got it as a birthday present and I've been wearing it to lots of different places. I even matched my lips with the quote on it to make it more interesting! The trousers, you've seen a number of times on the blog. All in all, a quick, easy way to look good and not take eons to dry if you do get drenched. As for the pictures, you know how it goes, I wanted to put this as a post today, my friend volunteered to make good use of his phone camera. I got a post. Everybody wins!

PS: Thanks for being a pain in my butt and taking these pictures for me! You know who you are!

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