What to Wear to a Beach, Without a Beach


This outfit post was supposed to be at a beach. And it was supposed to be a series of outfit posts. Turns out, beaches don't work as good places to shoot in the mornings. What's with everyone deciding to take a walk or walk a dog or defecate on the beach (yes, you're welcome for that image). So after wandering around possible shoot locations for around an hour, we drove back to my all time favorite, Powai. Yep, seems I'm destined to take pictures with the lake within 100 meters of me.

Of course, once we did reach the garden I was overly excited by the little circles on the ground. I kid you not, circles excite me, so much so that I insisted on standing right in the center to take all the pictures. Erm...lighting wasn't working out (or so I was told) so I had to leave my circle. I do have some rather great ideas about role-playing some circle games here. Okay, maybe not.

Onto the outfit, I wanted to showcase a fun, bright beach outfit. There isn't a beach here, but this outfit is still pretty great for say a weekend drive. A bright orange top and bright pink shorts equal lots of happy colors. The top was a great street find and there are lots of lovely solid color tops out there which I think every girl should own (in atleast 3 different colors). A pair of sunnies and a big tote to carry all my day's supplies, and I'm ready for a day at the erm...beach/garden. Honestly, I could pack a nice lunch in that tote considering how big it is!

Marks and Spencers Batwing Top: Rs. 200, Colaba Causeway (similar ones at Hill Road too)
Bright Pink Shorts: Rs. 500, FashionAtClick.com (buy here)
Gladiators: Rs. 700, Hill Road, Bandra
Tan Bag: Rs. 500, Hypercity
Watch: Skagen Denmark, Gift
Belt: Rs. 100, D-Mart Kids Section
Necklace: Gift, similar ones for around Rs. 200 in Colaba Causeway
Sunglasses: Sister's from Splash

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2200, which is around  ₤22. 

Photo Credits: Sirshendu Arosh

Tips to Color Blocking In Summer:
  • Summer is all about bright colors, so don't be afraid of mixing colors you wouldn't normally put together.
  • If you're afraid you'll look like you dressed for the circus, start small, use colors you're most comfortable with and then work your way to things you find daunting.
  • Usually, colors from the same color palette work well when it comes to color blocking. For instance, red and pink actually look great! 
  • Don't want to color block using your clothes? Use accessories it add a little color and interesting dimension to the whole outfit. Think bright shoes and a bright bag. 
  • As the outfit itself is pretty bold, tone down the accessories. Neutral accessories work well when it comes to color blocked outfits. 
  • Finally, remember to have fun with it! If you aren't loving your outfit how will you expect others to like it! 
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