Nioxin Review: Combating Thinning Hair with #Nioxin


No matter how much we try, all of us are a little vain. Place a person in front of a mirror and 9 times out of 10, what's the first thing they fix? Hair! Everybody wants luscious locks that are healthy, thick, strong, etc etc. Yes, the list goes on and on. 

As someone with pretty long hair (see the wording there), let me tell you, it isn't a piece of cake. Add travelling and lots of dust and pollution (I'll have a little splash of carbon monoxide with my dust tan?), what you do have is a receipe for quickly falling, damaged hair. Of course, in my book, what's worse is when your hair thins out, and you're at that point where you see the white of your scalp and a lot if time (and money?) is spent hiding it. (Yes, lots of us do it, lets just be honest about it). 

So obviously, when Blogadda ask me if I wanted to try out Nioxin I readily agreed. What's Nioxin? Nioxin is an award winning range of haircare products for thinning hair. They're cosmetic products that claim to give you thicker, fuller looking hair in 30 days! Well, of course I wanted to try it out. (Studying and travelling hasn't been good to me people, there's little white bits you never see on the blog!). So, last Saturday,  Off I went to a Nalini's and Yasmin's Salon in Bandra to test it out with a few other bloggers.

So lets break it down! I'll tell you about the claim, the service, and my experience! 


Nioxin claims to cleanse your scalp and flush out all the blockages to your hair follicles which in turn leads to thicker, fuller looking hair. Think of it as a through scrubbing of your head, just like you would a sieve, till all the water goes through all the holes (excuse the rather domestic and mundane analogy, but I assume everyone's scrubbed utensils at some point in their lives, unless you're a prince, or a queen. that case I sort of hate you). Well, the first part of the therapy involves a dermabrasion (and that's what I'm going to focus on today) which for all of us who aren't used to hairy terms like that, is a scalp facial. It is a salon only treatment, and needs to be done by an expert once they have guaged which treatment is best for you. Oh yes, the Nioxin system has SIX different treatments based on the type of hair you've got. This works out rather well and not everyone has the same type of hair. Colored, natural, thin, dense, treated...oh this list could go on and on. 
Harsh and Natasha explaining the process and answering our queries

The next step consists of a three part system that has a Nioxin Cleaner, Nioxin Conditioner and Nioxin Scalp Treatment. Okay, in simpler terms that don't scare you? That's a take home set of a shampoo (cleaner), conditioner and a leave-in serum. This is supposed to be used everyday (say what?!) for three weeks and it shall give you thicker, stronger, fuller looking hair. 

My Experience

Okay, so like I said, I went to test this system out at Nalini's and Yasmin's Salon (my first time there) in Bandra and was greeted by Harsh from Wella and the lovely Natasha! Frankly, she's this lovely big ball of fun, who instantly makes you feel at home! Honestly, I could chat with her for hours! Well, Natasha and Harsh gave us the overview of the products and what they do, that I've already summarized in the service. After this, each blogger got to consult with the experts to guage whether they fall into the Nioxin user category.

So I had Natasha as my hair expert, and we started with a preliminary questionnaire. It was a bit like going to the doctor and giving a medical history, only for hair. This is what is used to figure out which of the 6 different systems is suitable for you. After a little discussion (and a few oh my, that's ridiculously long hair! from Natasha), I was classified as a 5. Next, the dermabrasion! Oh, now this is what really makes you feel luxurious! I remember during the discussion, Natasha kept saying, you'll feel clean. Boy did it feel clean! Almost all their products have a bit of peppermint in them, which makes them instantly cooling and relaxing. I almost forgot to take pictures and make mental notes and they applied the serum to my scalp. Well, you leave that on for about 10 minutes. I was told that this treatment is only done in a salon, by professionals, and it's done every 30-40 days. Its basically an exfoliation that is supposed to remove all the build-up around hair follicles. 

Me, before the treatment started. I somehow don't know how to smile for the camera!

Harsh and Natasha, discussing my haircare routine.

My first ever facial, is on my scalp!
 This was the point where I started feeling the coolness of the treatment! 

Another picture of the scalp facial process 
After ten minutes of leaving it on, off I went for a cleanse (shampoo), condition and treatment (leave-in serum). Next, I'm supposed to use the three-part take home kit everyday to get the results claimed. Well, its been a week and I've been using the products religiously everyday. Yes! Everyday, even if it means losing those extra precious minutes of sleep each day! What are my reviews? Well, I think the dermabrasion is a great treatment, and YES! You do feel clean after doing it. The take-home kit, well, I'm still on the fence about the results, but I'll be sure to keep you posted about my experience! Oh, in case you're wondering, Nioxin is available just 5 salons in the city, so its a pretty exclusive service at the moment. (Links to finding salons at the end of the blogpost).
Of course I took a selfie with her! 
The take home kit, I shall talk more about this in my next post! 

However, for anyone who feels all the dust and pollution bogging their hair down, I think the scalp treatment would be a good way to get rid of all the grime, even if you don't plan to follow the 3-part system. A little facial never hurt anyone right?

Final Verdict?
In salon, scalp treatment? Yes! Its definitely something that you so try out. At home 3-part system? I shall talk more about that in my next post. Overall rating? I'll hold my rating of the overall Nioxin products till the next post.

And finally, my new, shiny (fuller?) looking hair post treatment! 

PS: If you do visit Nalini's Salon and find Natasha there, be sure to say Hi! She's one of those full of life, loveable people who will definitely give you great hair advice, along with quirky anecdotes. Thanks Harsh, Natasha, Jade and the entire Blogadda team for a wonderful experience.

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