Sequins and Lace


With one day to go for New Years, I thought I'd share my New Year's Eve outfit with you guys. I usually am a fairly casual dressing type of girl. I don't like to wear very "party" outfits and if I must I almost always fall back to the LBD. However, 2016 demands that I try something different. That's exactly how this outfit came up.

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A quick pinterest search will tell you, you can't have a new year outfit without sequins and if you're feeling extra girly, lace. So I decided since its new year, I'll combine both these things to get my outfit. Hey, gotta go big or go home right?

Sequinned Top: Rs. 250, Lokhandwala Market
Lace Skirt: Rs. 450, Colaba Causeway
Heels: Rs. 500, Hill Road, Bandra
Hexagonal Beaded Bag: Rs. 700, Cupidity (bought here)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1900, which is around ₤19.

Photo Credits: Sneha Mahimane

If you think investing in an all lace/all sequins dress is a little too much for you, I suggest buy separates. Separates always give you more of an option to play around. Oh, you could also tone down your sequined dress by pairing it with a simple skirt. I added a little more bling to the look with my beaded bag. Frankly, I love this bag and I was really lucky to come by it at a bargain price (more on that in a post next week!). A simple dark lip and a bit of rough and I am all set to party. 

Do you like wearing sequins? What's your go to Party outfit? Tell me in the comments below!!

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