How to Wear Denim on Denim Effortlessly in Summer


Denim in summer? You've got to be kidding. If this is what you think then worry not, today's post explains all about wearing denim effortlessly in summer without boiling and no, I'm not talking about denim shorts. While denim shorts are the perfect summer staple, sometimes you just need something different and dressier if you want to wear denims in summer.

Denim Bralet: Rs. 200, Pax, Colaba Causeway
Denim Skirt: Rs. 600, Ginger from Spoyl
Zara Snakeskin Heels: Rs. 899, Zara Sale
Embroidered Jacket: Rs. 699, Ajio

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2398, which is around ₤24

Today's outfit is a simple way to wear denims in summer. Actually since the outfit was for a night out, I decided to add another layer in case the night got chilly. Yes! This is how you can wear denim and layer and still be perfectly cool in summer. A denim bralet or croptop is something you've probably seen on a lot of social media posts (including mine btw, I have actually shared this outfit on my Instagram before). I shot this look a couple of months ago and was supposed to share it much earlier but somehow it never really made it to the blog. However, now that it's going live I'm falling in love with the whole look all over again. A simple way to style denim on denim is to find separates that look part of a set. This skirt is actually a buy from Spoyl and the top was something I found on one of those 'I'm not going to shop but just look' days. Yep, I ended up buying this denim bralet/croptop piece for, hold your breath, 200 bucks!

Here are some of my hacks to wear denims in summer:
  • Denim can be worn in summer as a layer! Think sun dress with denim jacket. Think a denim vest. Anything really that works with simple cotton clothes, is a great way to wear denim without burning up in summer. 
  • Your legs need breathing space. No seriously, give all those skinny fit denims a miss and get yourself a line skirts or even shorts. Your legs will thank you for it, believe me! 
  • Knit is everything. The knit of the denim will define the thickness and this means you need to pay attention to the fabric. Really, even if you wear denim shorts, if they don't let your body breathe, they're useless for the summer. 
  • Less is more! Okay. you maybe didn't need me to point this out for you but less is more when it comes to wearing denim in summer. Maybe just DIY your plain white tshirt with a denim patch from your old jeans? Yep, its something I've been itching to try and it would look absolutely fab! 
  • Finally, if you think that inspite of everything you're most comfortable in your old denim jeans, then go for it! Seriously, the classics will always work, but just make sure to stay out of the scorching heat! 
Do you wear Denims in summers? How do you style yours? Talk to me in the comments! 

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