Summer Gypsy


Mondays making me moody and wishing the weekend was back. The dark clouds seem to be slowly rolling in and I think the monsoons aren't all the far. This is exactly why I decided we all needed a bit of bright summer inspiration. Of course, there isn't anything that says summer like bright colors! Today's look is for all the free spirits out there who simply don't care that the world is staring and wear what their heart desires.

Tasseled Off Shoulder Top: Rs. 350, Sugarbox, but available on streets for this price
Orange Maxi Skirt: Rs. 200, Colaba Causeway
Fab India Scarf: Rs. 150, Spoyl
Sandals: Rs. 350, Hill Road

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1050, which is around ₤22

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

A tasseled or pom poms top is something that's seen almost at every corner right now. This top is absolutely amazing and while I got mine in Sugarbox last month, you can actually find this tasseled off shoulder top at almost any street store. I decided to go bold with this look and pair it with my orange cotton skirt. This skirt was a street find and has seen me through summers and winters alike. I decided to add a scarf as a headband to complete the look. This something I actually wore on the way to the location and then from after too and while there were my fair share of stares on the way, outfits like this completely define my personal style. While I know you'll probably shy away from wearing blacks and brights in the summer, I'd say its something you must try! Think free spirit and colors that make you smile..

Which color makes you smile? Tell me in the comments below. 

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