Three Ways To Wear: A Bodycon Dress


If you've ever faced a situation where you invested in a beautiful bodycon dress, wore it once and then were at a complete loss about how to wear it without it looking the same, well you aren't alone! In this week's edition of ThreeWayTuesday, I share my take on wearing the same bodycon dress in three fresh, interesting ways so that you never have to feel or look the same inspite of wearing the same clothes.

I have been obsessed with Star Wars since I was a child. Indeed, I prayed for days to have Yoda as a pet (nope, no regular cats and dogs for me thank you!) and when that didn't happen, I went right ahead and pestered my parents to buy me a robot. Surely somebody had to be selling an R2D2 right? Fast forward to present day and I still obsess over my childhood characters and that's exactly how I ended up buying this dress! I saw it in a forever21 store, just lying that all lonesome on the rack and knew I was talking it home with me! Of course, as the story goes, I tire easily of wearing the same thing twice but since I'd paid full price (the horror!) I simply had to come up with ways to reuse it. Result? I've got three of my favorite looks to share with this bodycon dress!

Look 1: The Mad Scientist

 In case you are a girl who is all about her experiments in science, then this is a look that probably is what you walk around in. One of the most interesting ways to repurpose your labcoat is to use it as a layering piece. A quick way to tone down a rather bold bodycon dress (and let's face it, is there any other kind) is to pair it with a layer that's exactly its opposite. I love how this look is almost a bit of mad scientist and is great for quick little lunches and even those festivals that seem to be happening every weekend.

Look 2: The Demure Geek

Finally, if you're inner fashionista is actually a demure wallflowers, then this is a look that's speak to your soul. Yet another way to wear your bodycon dress is to pair it with a flowy skirt. Here, I paired it with my favorite type of skirt which is a midi skirt. I kept the look monochrome with a bit of color coming from my bag and heels. This look works well with pretty much any kind of skirt. Add a pencil skirt and a blazer and you've got a cool printed blouse to wear to work. An added bonus, you can add a blazer and take this look to work and then slip out into your original dress to get the perfect day to night transition outfit!

Look 3: The Coachella Girl

If you're a girl who can't get over coachella inspite of the festival being officially done, this look is for you. One of the simplest ways to reuse a bodycon dress is to wear it as a top. Especially with the current madness with bodysuits, its a nice little hack where you can use your bodycon dress to mimic a bodysuit. I love how bohemian yet simple this look is. Put your hair up in a messy top knot and add a pair of boots are you're good to go!

Do you like wearing Bodycon Dresses? Tell me how you've worn yours in the comments below!

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