3 Ways to Wear a Pink Pleated Skirt in Spring


Pleated skirts are my life! No seriously, I've been crushing over pleated skirts for years now and think they're simply such great and versatile pieces that I can never have enough. (as demonstrated in my recent post ft. a pleated metallic skirt) However, there are times when I've seen people get into something of a rut with these and I decided it was time to get my frugal fashionista brain working and give you three unique and fun ways to style your Pleated skirt. I pulled out my Forever 21, thrifted from Spoyl pink skirt for this post but I believe that you can replicate these looks with almost anything that you've got in your closet.

Look 1: The Working Girl

The most classic way of wearing a pleated skirt is with a simple shirt. I picked out this polka dot cropped shirt for a bargain on the street and paired with the skirt and heels, this outfit is perfect for a working brunch or even a post work date. It's the perfect outfit for spring and can easily be a great first date look. You can even pair this with a solid white shirt and a statement necklace for a look that can literally be worn to any event and still look great!

Look 2: The Model-Off Duty

Throw caution to the wind! Wear your pleated midi skirt as a mini skirt! It's simple. No Really. All I did was to turn the midi skirt into this was pulling it upto my chest and zipping it. I then added an oversized tshirt, my geeky glasses (buy them here for a bargain) and pulled my hair up in a messy bun and done! I absolutely love the bit of pink peaking out from below. Love it!

Look 3: The Practical Gypsy

My favorite kind of outfit, as you all know, is the slightly gypsy kind. I decided there was no way I wasn't going to atleast attempt a more polished version of a gypsy outfit. I added a simple striped tshirt (stripes go with everything), a little jacket and then my bohemian coin necklace. I also decided to do a bit of trend mixing and added a pair of floral flats to complete the look! The overall effect is still very clean and modern, which is inherently something you'd associate with a skirt like this, and then simply added elements that were very 'me'. That's what being a modern bohemian is all about, in my opinion!

Which outfit from the three did you like the most?! Talk to me in the comments below!
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