3 IndoWestern Navratri Outfits: Green


It's Day 2 of Navratri! Did you guys have a fabulous time yesterday? I hope you celebrated in your own little way, maybe by dancing the night away, or maybe by praying. It's a new day and today's color is Green. Now I'm somebody who didn't own a lot of green till a while back. However, recent additions (thanks in large part to my sister) have made this post possible and honestly, it's more about giving you ideas to kickstart a style process than the colors. Today's post has my favorite office look (I really would wear it to work if it wasn't for my hairy legs). Anyway, let's get back to today's looks. Just like yesterday, I'm sharing three different look ideas with you guys, one for any kind of mood that strikes your fancy!

1. The Indowestern work look:

The thing about workwear is that it tends to get a bit too formal at times. Since we're in the festive season, why not mix things up by pairing your office outfit with a jacket in Indian prints. You can even turn a dupatta into a jacket by using a pair of pins. (Comment down below if you want me to add a tutorial for this too). Add a statement neckpiece and you have a super quick, navratri look for the office! 

2. The Modern Desi Girl:

Now I know you probably have a heavy lehenga that your mom convinced (forced) you to buy because there was a big family wedding or party but you can't quite figure out a way to wear it. Well, this is a super quick, no sewing needed way of converting a ghaghra or lehenga into a modern, functional dress that looks interesting and doesn't bog you down. Since I wanted this look to be modern yet bohemian I added a earring as a maang tikka and a pair of tassel earrings to complete the look. Go on, pull out that old skirt you hate and turn it into something you love! You know you want to!

3. The Hardcore Desi Babe:

Finally, I couldn't resist doing a traditional outfit. Now, I don't have a lot of traditional stuff but I love to mix and match. For this look, I turned a yellow jacket into a top (notice the thread work on the back), paired it with my ghagra worn traditionally and the dupatta from yesterday's post. The result, you have a look that uses all the separates I've shown can be worn multiple ways and still gives you a super traditional look. You can dance the night away in this and look like a million bucks!

And that's it for today folks! I hope you've seen the post from yesterday that had so many of you get in touch for a video tutorial. I don't quite have this video thing figured out, but I'll be doing a tutorial soon, I promise! Till then, stay tuned. Don't forget to swing by tomorrow morning for another 3 ways to wear the next color in the list! 

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