3 Ways to Wear IndoWestern During Navratri - Purple


It's the final day of Navratri! Are you happy about nine days well spent? Or are you sad it's almost over! I'm at that bittersweet point where I'm super happy we have a long weekend right around the corner, but I'm also a little sad I have no plans for it! Somehow all my close friends are working and the rest already have perfect getaways planned! Anyway, let's get back to the post instead, this is something I am super excited about!

If you have just stumbled onto the blog and have no clue what I'm harping on about (no weekend plans excluded) then let me fill you in. This post is part of a nine day series of 3 ways to wear different colors during the festival of Navratri. You can go check out the previous posts here : Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8

Right! Back to the lookbook. Now purple is something I struggled with right from the time I realised I had to create three looks in this color. I don't own a lot of purple pieces, I especially don't own pieces that can be mixed and matched and so the struggle was very real. However, a bit of logic and a whole lot of luck meant I still managed to pull it off so read on to check out the looks!

1. Purple Reign

This look wasn't supposed to be on here. I had something completely different in my head but then somehow I ended up loving how festive and formal this whole outfit was at the same time. The top is actually a kurta that I bought on sale years ago from Globus and it makes for a great top. The skirt is new from forever 21 in the sales and the overall look is super twirly (always a good thing) and has just a hint of festive in it. Perfect for the office!

2. Simple Pairings

This outfit has been worn multiple times before. From Diwali parties to friends' weddings, I've taken this look pretty much everywhere. It never made it to the blog in this avatar and this was a good thing because it gives me a change to share it today. The outfit does all the work really. Don't want to take too much effort with styling for festivals. I suggest hitting the sales post diwali (yes, that's the right time to get the best prices) and stacking up on pieces that make a bold statement. The only time you take any effort is when you look for them, the rest is all a cake walk!

3. Purple Pyaar

Finally, the last outfit had me stumped till I saw my Pyaar top tucked into a forgotten corner of my closet. The clashing asthetics of this look make it quite interesting to me. Bold fonts paired with traditional pieces. My nod to the pop art phase that the whole world is seeing right now. Of course, there's always scope to spread love and that's exactly what I want to end this series on.

Thank you so much for the love you've sent my way over the last nine days! I'm so grateful. When I started this series, I didn't think it would be so well read and loved and it's all because each one of you has stuck with me! So thank you and have an absolutely fabulous long weekend!!

PS: Worried all your Navratri clothes go waste for the rest of the year, I'm putting together a guide to reusing them by fusing these pieces with your everyday wardrobe. If you want in then I suggest you go sign up for The Chiconomical Insider right now to have all these styles delivered straight to your inbox! 

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