3 Indo Western Navratri Outfit Ideas: Yellow


Happy Navratri folks! It's the season for festival and dance and of course beautiful outfits! Don't let the grey day get you down, there's nine days of revelry ahead and nine gorgeous colors to follow!! Today's color is yellow and I figured since not everyone can access traditional outfits, I'm gonna do what I do best and share Navratri lookbooks for any personality type you may be! Whether you need to wear a yellow festive look to work or need to dress up for dandiya, I've got you covered! Let's dive right in to find looks that can take you from day to night!

1. What to Wear to Work in Navratri

So you have a big meeting but your heart's singing songs of the season? Oh we've all been there. There's a simple way to get around workwear blues by mixing your formal outfits with interesting statement pieces. For this look, I paired my yellow fitted dress with a blouse. This backless blouse has a front closure which make it perfect for converting it into a jacket. Functional and sneakily festive, this is a great outfit that lets you indulge your festive spirit while still being work friendly.

2. What to Wear to A Fusion Navratri Party

This one's for people like me who don't own traditional navratri outfits. Why not dig out that bright yellow top from the back of your closet. I know you were too afraid to wear it but pairing it with greys or blues will make you stand out. Add a bunch of accessories in silver and put your hair up and out of your way and dance like a pro! Oh, and instead of layering on clothes, why not layer on the accessories? For instance, I used a necklace and a waistband here as a half waistband instead of tying them traditionally to create a bit more visual interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

3. What to Wear to a Traditional Navratri Party

Finally, if you have some pieces that are 'Navratri' friendly but your key struggle is pairing them up in ways that aren't boring, this look's for you. Have you tried wearing your dupatta as a top? For this look, I pinned up my dupatta at the front and the shoulder and created a quick, cold shoulder top. It's on trend and is so very interesting visually, I dare you not to get compliments when you wear it to your navratri party!

I hope these looks have inspired you to try some new trends. I'm absolutely love the inspiring styling that people come up with during this season and I hope you'll share your tricks with me. Tag me using #Chiconomical on social media and I'll feature you on my pages. You can also comment below and I'll definitely get back to you!

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