New Look's Petite: Monochrome Mashup


New Look's got a new petite section! Its gotten me quite excited since they have some pretty brilliant stuff. Since one of my cousins can't survive without the petites, this post is dedicated to her. Monochrome is my fallback when I don't have the strength to put together a smart outfit or if I'm pressed for time. Its so classic and chic that you can carry it anywhere.

Jumper: New Look, ₤19.99
Leggings: New Look, ₤12.99
Necklace: Missguided, ₤9.99
Shoes: New Look, ₤8.00
Bag: New Look, ₤5.00
Fedora: New Look, ₤5.00
Snood: DIY

I actually designed this look, around the striped leggings. They're just so amazing that I can't seem to get them out of my head. The cream jumper is a complete bargain in my book since its very versatile. I matched the spiked necklace with the spiked shoes(don't you look the spike trend right now!) and think it pulls the look together.
While this isn't really a chiconomical budget I can't resist it and almost all the pieces here are quite versatile. The fedora is gorgeous but its sold out currently on the New Look site. But you can get a similar one on Asos. The snood and the bag add a pop of color in my opinion. I actually made a snood like this for myself, but you can get a similar one at New Look (yayy!) for about ₤3.00! 

Total  Outfit Price: ₤60.97!
Yes, a bit pricey (read not below ₤50.00) but still most the pieces are an investment, so I dont mind! Also, if your from India, then the necklace is actually much cheaper (from the streets) and costs only about ₤5.00!! See, outfit cost does end up below 50 that way! (Look at me using all fancy ideas to cut costs here!)

What have you done in monochrome? Drop a comment and let me know! Have a nice weekend! 

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