Money.... Don't leave me Honey!


No, I haven't gone crazy and started talking to inanimate objects. Well, maybe I have..... seeing as how I'm convinced that there's a black hole in my pocket that's sucking all my money away. I think that in an alternate dimension there another me who's got money raining from the most unexpected places.  No? Its my own spending habits that are doing that? Oh....okay....umm...oops!

Another week and another round of shopping! I'm so broke its a Joke! Wait, that rhymed! I really do like rhymes! No, that isn't what this post is about....oh yes, shopping! I've been dropping the BIG bucks this week! For starters, I've got a new phone!! Yay! Although it cost more than a month's salary, and technically mum n dad paid for it....its still mine, and since my old phone was literally falling apart and periodically going into a coma (it lost a few keys last month) this had become a necessity! Thank you so much daddy!

I also did a bit of sale shopping and got a couple of prezzies from my cousins! I went to Globus this week! I LOVE Globus sales....makes me wonder why I still don't have a store card! Must get one next time!

They have some fabulous items on sale currently, and if your in Bandra, you definitely need to have a little look in! Oh, and FLAT 50% thank you very much! They've even got some gorgeous dresses on sale but sadly, skinny little me couldn't even make the XS ones stay on me! One actually slid right back down! Lol!!

Here are my buys (Oops!) from the sale....

Jacquard Print Trousers: Rs. 500, Globus, Bandra
I have printed trousers! I have PRINTED trousers! AND they fit! In case you haven't realised with all the capitalization of words, I'm really in love with these! They're amazing! You're definitely gonna see them a LOT on the blog!

Asymmetric Hem Faux Leather Skirt: Rs. 500, Globus, Bandra
Another item from my wishlist, check! This skirt has an asymmetrical cut on the front which I think gives it a bit of an edge. And it fits like a glove! Oh, just in case your wondering, it does look a lot better on than it does in this picture. 

Apple Watch Necklace: Rs. 200, Gazebo, Bandra
So, I haven't had a wrist watch in forever. Simply coz I can't find a good replacement for my old one. But when I saw this necklace, I had to get it since it checks multiple boxes. Fancy piece of jewelry - check, interesting watch - check, doesn't cost more than an arm - CHECK!

And now for the presents! My sisters are fabulous and I love them to bits! Also, they know exactly what I like!(An added bonus!)

Mango Military Blazer: Gift, Bought from Asos
This is a blazer I've been a little in love with for a long time. But since it only shipped to the UK my sister was kind enough to get it for me. Unfortunately its sold out at the moment, but they still have the black one that you can get here

Butterfly Dress: Gift, From Fab Sister
So my love for butterflies doesn't escape notice of anyone who knows me for a couple of months. I've got them on my cupboard door (yes I still have a cupboard that looks like it belongs to a 5 year old girl) and I've got a a ridik amount of stuff with butterflies on them! So of course my sister had to get me a butterfly dress. This is so practical for the weather we've been having (makes you wanna scream I'm melting) and I especially love the lace detailing! You can get a similar print on the New Look website here.

So that's my week in purchases! I really do need to sort out my wardrobe...maybe by styles and color?? Any ideas?? Drop a line in the comments down below to let me know! :)

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