My First Fashion Week!


Chiconomical's going places! Thanks to a sister who is in the fashion industry, I've got the opportunity to go for lakme fashion week! This is the place to be for all fashionistas in Mumbai this weekend! And I get to be one of them! Yay!!

Lakme Fashion Week starts today, and there are some amazing new designers who will be showcasing their collections! Here's a quick round up of some of the talent on the ramp!

Sorry, for the newspaper articles roundup! I'm currently on a cray schedule (whats with my two lives almost colliding at the mo!) and couldn't give a detailed description of all the designers I'm going to be watching out for at the fashion week! But don't you worry! I'm going to be giving you an update about all the designers as the week progresses!
And with that, I need to sign off....coz, well, I do need to figure out what to wear innit? Something that's chic as well as fashion week worthy....yep, not difficult at all....(screaming a little in my head)....oh well, will keep you posted! Have a good weekend everyone, I know I will! :)

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