Neon Lee!


I've taken the plunge! Hello neon rockers club!! If your a regular reader (and thank you so much if you are!) then you know how my sister gifted me a River Island neon lace top! (You can read all about it here)
I had a feeling that this would be a bit too bright for India but after wearing it today, I've gotta tell u! Its empowering to wear something you know everyone's probably looking at but still feel comfortable in!

Oh, and yet another plus, today's pictures have been taken by my fabulous best friend (is there anything you can't do?!) who was nice enough to come over to take them! Virtual hug for u!! I decided to try out the top with minimal accessories(best avoid any lady gaga moments you know!) and did switch between two necklaces to see which looked better.

This bag is an absolute delight! And notice the pretty ring I've been wearing with everything lately! 

This was the first necklace I tried out(and my fav). I even thought of wearing a shirt as a cover-up but turns out it looked a bit rubbish and I liked the top on its own anyway!

That's me trying to untangle the mahoosive irritating 2nd choice of necklace! 

And of course, me wearing it.....was a bit to excited I'd managed to untangle it hence the misaligned form of the necklace! 

And lets not forget the wedges. These are my go to pair for any outfit that needs a touch of black. They're so comfortable and dressy that I can wear them all day without having any " I wanna kick you and my shoes off" moments. Major plus considering I'm usually the person who tends to complain a lot when in heels! 

Neon Top: Gift from fab sister, River Island, UK
Jeans: I think about Rs. 1200, Lee Cooper
Heels: Rs. 500, Natraj Market, Malad
Necklace 1: Rs. 400, Linking Road, Bandra
Necklace 2: Rs. 400, Linking Road, Bandra
Ring: Rs.20, Trains
Earrings: Rs. 10, Trains
Bag: Rs. 700, Colaba Causeway

I've a feeling I might be wearing this a lot in the future. Especially as the cloudy monsoons come up. I've seen that I've always needed a pick me up to inspire me to leave the house on those days and this outfit might be just the trick. 

Do you have any neons? How have you styled them? Drop a comment to let me know, or mail me! 

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