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Its February! The month of love and all those other things, and I have to say, I didn't really have a very good start to 2014. I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like recently. While I could blame most of this on the camera dying, I have to take some blame for it as I've been way to busy with Uni lately.
Within the first week, we were given enough research assignments to last a couple of years. Of course we only have one semester to finish don't be scared if you see a zombie version of me on the blog by mid April. 
This is going to be me. Mainly because I sit on here pinning instead of studying.
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I've also been on a kind of circumstances imposed shopping ban (how am I still alive!!). Let me tell you, it hasn't been easy, especially since the whole world and their mother seem to be shopping in the sales like crazy. Oh, and then they tweet or Instagram their bargains so that I die just that little bit more! I'm quite ready to give up student life now, if only for the monetary benefits of being a working girl.
Other than that I've managed to fix up my camera. It is now a plugged, instead of a portable device, but oh well, we can't really do much about it. Atleast now I can upload more pictures now. These will have to be all indoor pictures (like that's any different from the ones before!) but I'm excited to show off my outfits again.

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This is also the month where everyone hears about there acceptances into fabulous internships and academic programs. While I'm quite happy for all of you guys (Congratulations people! You know who you are!) I can't help up think about where my life is going. I feel like I've lost purpose, and this is not the place I want to be. I know its not very nice to be petty and jealous, but I can't help it sometimes. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it out soon. (A big shoutout to all my friends who've been dealing with this particular bad mood of mine with a lot of kindness! Thanks a lot guys!!)
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January did have a few new things though. I went for my first ever Marathi (its a regional language in India) movie! It was a unique experience and I'll be posting a complete review of all that I did there soon. While I was quite apprehensive at first, it was definitely quite a lot of fun. My friends keep telling me I look like the lead actress in the film, oh well, you can decide when you see for yourself.

I won a Crocs giveaway. It was a giveaway held by a fellow blogger, and I entered it for fun. It was awesome when I won, and even now, I presume my shoes are on the way! I'll keep you guys posted!
Pink crocs can be fashionable.....there good for gardening and out door activities
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Other than that, I'd really like to mention my cousin here. She recently had a makeover of sorts and decided she didn't like her curls. Lady, your curls are what make you unique. I really wish you could see yourself the way I see you. A gorgeous, brilliant crazy girl who is always trying to get me to go to clubs and get drunk! Lol, well, maybe more of the former than the latter part, so how about you just ignore that bit! ;)

Curly & Straight...what's your preference?
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While I'm not a fan of putting my feelings out there for the whole world too see on the internet, I have to admit to how cathartic it was to write this post. When I started off writing this I felt like nothing good had happened this year till date, but now I know it wasn't so bad. Writing all of this down has made me realise I've been quite spontaneous at times. Maybe its a new me? Who knows?

I leave you with a few words that I needed to be reminded off and I put up here for your thoughts on the same...
Just because it's his favourite philosopher.
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