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It's the Valentine month and its a horrible time to be single. I swear the whole universe has been conspiring to annoy me with mushy displays of romantic bits and bobs. I usually have very materialistic answers to the induced bad moods at times like these (ice-cream tub, new statement necklace and lots of pizza with Doctor Who playing in the background). However, I've been on a stint of near poverty thanks to the fabulously slow government that my country has, and this meant my usual solution to sadness doesn't work this year. Its times like these that my love for fashion comes to my rescue.

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White Shirt: Rs. 699, Annabelle
Blue Jeans: Rs. 1200, Wrangler
Necklace: Rs. 450, Hill Road, Bandra
Neon Green Bag: Rs. 400, Linking Road, Bandra
Wedges: Rs. 400, Hill Road, Bandra
Ring, Earrings: Rs. 40, Trains

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3189, which is around ₤32.

I love the simplicity of this outfit. I got lots of compliments for how I looked, from people at Uni. I feel that a crisp white shirt with blue jeans can be taken practically anywhere (well, maybe not to an 80's ballroom dance) and still look perfect. A statement necklace in mint is yet another brilliant thing in my opinion. It goes great with most outfits and adds just the right amount of 'me' to the whole outfit. Overall, something that anybody can try without probably leaving their homes. I mean, we all have a white shirt and blue jeans right? Don't have a statement necklace? Try wearing one of those OTT wedding-y necklaces your mom has in pastel tones with the shirt. I promise heads will turn, in a good way!

How do you deal with bad mood days? Tell me in the comments below. You can also talk to me on Facebook and Twitter

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